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Akkergeshen - Aktolagai.

Paleontologic tour on plateau Akkergeshen and Aktolagai.

The short description of the tour route to plateu Akkergeshen:

Atyrau - Dossor - Onai-Ata mausoleum - Akkergeshen plateau - mountain Imankara - globular concretion - Aktolagai plateau - Atyrau.

3 days and 2 nights.

The program day by day to plateu Western of Kazakhstan:

A cave on mountain Imankara.1 Day. Atyrau - Dossor - village Sagiz - village  Bekbeke - plateau Akkergeshen (245 km). 
Our way lays on northeast from the city of Atyrau. Approximately in 38 kilometers from city, and in five kilometers to the right of road, in the east, worker village Karabatan is visible, workers of this settlement build the largest gas-chemical plant in Kazakhstan - Bolashak which is in 13 kilometers from this worker village. Through 100 kilometers from city we pass big village Dossor in which 102 years ago there has been begun the first oil recovery in Kazakhstan, in village many modern monuments devoted to this date. At desire it is possible to visit some of them. Through 45 kilometers from village Dossor at the left roads there is mausoleum Onai-Ata, short stop at the mausoleum. Further our way on asphalt road does not represent anything interesting. For 15 kilometers before settlement Kulsary, we turn on the left and through 50 kilometers we come on cretaceous plateau Akkergeshen. Walk in vicinities of plateau Akkergeshen, searches of minerals of paleontologic epoch. Lunch and dinner. Overnight in tents.Plateau Akkergeshen.
2 Day. Plateau Akkergeshen - mountain Imankara - globular concretion - deposit Munayly-Mola - Aktolagi plateau (79 km).
Plateau  Aktolagai.Breakfast. Transfer: valley Akkergeshen - mountain Imankara (26 km), the mountain Imankara is interesting to that on it there is man-made cave which has been constructed in the beginning of XIX century by the first British geologists who investigated stocks of oil in the Western Kazakhstan. Imankara, it is a dominating height on district with which the panorama on extensive steppes and the thrown oil field of the Munayly-Mola, was Kirov opens. Walk in vicinities, research of a cave. Transfer: mountain Imankara - globular concretion 21 km), here at globular concretion there are asphalt lakes with of bitumen. Photographing concretion and asphalt lakes. Transfer: globular concretion - plateau Aktolagai (32 km). Arrival on plateau Aktolagai, walk on vicinities on a plateau. Accommodation in tents, lunch and dinner, overnight in the tents.Plateau Akkergeshen.
2 Day. Plateau Aktolagai - plateau Akkergeshen - Dossor - Atyrau (316 km).
Breakfast. Paleontologic excursions in vicinities of plateau Aktolagai till a lunch. In the evening of this day arrival in Atyrau.

Plateau Aktolagai.