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Flights helicopter from Karkara to Southern Inylchek and back. 2019.

Excursion flights by the helicopter in mountains Central Tien-Shan.

«The rock-climber not the one who has climbed on rock, and the one who has then gone down»

 Dates of flights by the helicopter from BC "Karkara" in BC «Southern Inylchek» and back for 2019:

On July 5
On July 7
On July 12
On July 14
On July 18
On July 19
On July 21
On July 22
On July 26
On July 28

On August 1
On August 2
On August 4
On August 5
On August 9
On August 10
On August 11
On August 14
On August 16
On August 18
On August 19
On August 22
On August 23
On August 25
On August 30

Alexander Petrov, Vladimir Serbenko.