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Hiking to lake Cedrovoe.

Travel across the Kazakhstan Altai.

The short description of the tour route:

Almaty - Ust-Kamenogorsk – Ridder - Gemma guest house – Kedrovoye lake - “Stone town” - Kedrovoye lake - “Black node” - Ozerny pass - Podbelkovoye lake - Palevaya Pazlivanka - Ust-Kamenogorsk - Almaty.

10 days and 9 nights.

Detailed the program day by day:

Valley the Stone store. Rocks 2.1 Day. Almaty.
Arrival in Almaty. Transfer to the hotel “Kazjol”. Accommodation, rest. Breakfast. City sightseeing: visit to the 28 Panfilov’s guarsmen park, Cathedral, museum of national musical instruments, National museum, Medeo gorge, Republic square (4 hours). Overnight at the hotel.Valley the Stone store. Rocks 3.
2 Day. Ust-Kamenogorsk – Ridder – guest house “Gemma” – 170 km.
Breakfast. Transfer to airport. Flight to Ust-kamenogorsk (2 hours). Arrival to Ust-Kamenogorsk, meeting at the airport. Transfer: Ust-Kamenogorsk – Sekisovka village – Cheremshanka villge - Ridder (130 km). Lunch in local café in Ridder. After lunch transfer to “Gemma” guest house (40 km). Arrival in the guest house “Gemma”. Accommodation in the guest house. Free time and walks in environs of the guest house. In the evening russian sauna, tea with fresh Altay honey. Dinner and overnight.Valley the Stone store. Rocks flag.
3 Day. “Gemma” guest house – Kedrovoye lake.
Breakfast. Start of trekking in Altay mountains. Hiking: “Gemma” guest house – Kedrovoye lake (8 km). The way runs along Palevaya Razlivanka river among Altay taiga with high-altitude. Territory of the West-Altay natural reserve. Flora changes, we can see alpine tundra. Further track runs on mountain range among the Alpine flowered lowlands. Lunch on the way. The Panorama of Belaya and Chernaya Uba. In good weather it is possible to see Ivanovskii Belok glacier. Camp on the coast of Kedrovoye lake  2200 meters above sea level. Dinner and overnight in the tents.
4 Day. “Stone town”.
Breakfast. Radial walking to “Stone town” area – high granite rocks with bizarre form. There are sources of Belaya and Chernaya rivers of East Kazakhstan. Lunch on the way. These rivers form Uba river upon confluence. Return to Camp. Dinner and overnight in the tents.Valley Black uzel. Turgusun lake.
5 Day. Kedrovoye lake - place called “Black node”.
Breakfast. Hiking: Kedrovoye lake - the place called “Black node” (8 km). Ascent to range, to source of Turgusun river. On the full way we  can see panorama of Turgusun  river and  Visheivanovsky    glacier 2778 meters above sea level. Lunch on the way. Hiking to Mezhozerny pass. Track lies along cascades of lakes. Accommodation in tents at the place “Black node”. Dinner and overnight in the tents.
6 Day. Black node” – Ozerny pass.
Breakfast. Hiking: “Black node” – Ozerny pass (9 km). The way lies along beautiful Palevoye lake and then along gorge of Pravaya Gromotuha river. Further   the way lies along cascade of lakes, forest. Lunch on the way.  Near pass Ozerny is mountain lake. Our camp on the coast of lake. Fishing (grayling). Dinner and overnight in the tents.Valley Black uzel. Turgusun ruver.
7 Day. Podbelkovoye lake.
Breakfast. Hiking: Ozerny pass – Podbelkovoye lake (6 km). Descent and in 1 hour we can see  beautiful waterfall. Lunch on the way.  Then descent via Ust-Kamenogortsev pass to Podbelkovoye lake. Accommodation in tents on the coast of lake.  Rest, walks in environs. Dinner and overnight in the tents.
8 Day. Palevaya Pazlivanka - Ust-Kamenogorsk.
Breakfast. Hiking and descent  to valley of Palevaya Pazlivanka. Transfer by autotransport to guest house “Gemma”. Lunch on the way. Transfer to Ust-Kamenogorsk (170 km). Arrival in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Transfer to hotel, accommodation at the hotel “Irtysh”. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
9 Day. Almaty.
Breakfast. After breakfast transfer to airport. Flight to Almaty (2 hours). Arrival in Almaty, meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Lunch. Free time. Diner and overnight at the hotel.
10 Day. Almaty.
Transfer to airport. Departure from Almaty.

Photos are used with Panoramio Google Map author Aohotenko.