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Khiva - Kunya-Urgench.

Travel from Uzbekistan to Turkmenistan.

The brief description of a round of tour from Uzbekistan to Turkmenistan:

Khiva - a check point “Shavat” - Dashoguz - town of Kunya-Urgench - historical and cultural memorial estate «Old Urgench» - Khiva.

Extent of a route: 331 km.
Seasonal: all-the-year-round.
The Best time for travel: from April, 1st till September, 30th.

1 day.

The detailed program of tour day after day from Uzbekistan in Turkmenistan in historical and cultural memorial estate «Old Urgench»:

1 Day. Khiva - a check point “Shavat” - Kunya-Urgench - Dashguz - Old Kunya-Urhench (331 km).
Breakfast. Departure from Khiva at 6.00. Transfer: Khiva - settlement Koshkupyr - settlement Shavat - a check point «Shavat» (58 km). Arrival on a check point «Shavat». A meeting on a check point “Shavat”. Passage of formalities boundary and customs services of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Transfer: check point “Shavat” – Dashoguz - Kunya-Urgench (108 km). Arrival in Kunya-Urgench. Visiting of mosque Dash (1907 - 1908), mausoleums Nadzhmetdin Kubra (XIV century), Sultan Ali (XVI century) and Piryar Vali (XVII century). Transfer to historical and cultural memorial estate «Old Urgench» (3 km). Visiting of mausoleum Tyrabekh Khanum (XIV century), Kutlug Timur's minaret (XIV century), the mausoleum Sultan Tekesha (XII century), mausoleum Il Arskan (Fakhr d-dina Razi) (XII century) (time of directory 1156 - 1172), minaret Mamun (X - XI c.c.), a portal of a unknown construction (XI - XII c.c.), mosques of dynasty Sifi, visiting of fortress Kyrk-Kala. The end of excursion. Transfer: Old Urgench - Kynya-Urgench - Dashoguz – check point “Shavat” (107 km). Passage of formalities boundary and customs services of Turkmenistan and Turkmenistan. Transfer to Khiva (58 km).New central place in Dashoguz.Wall of the mausoleum the Sultan-Tekesh in Old Kunya-Urgench.Microdistrict Centre-1 in Dashguz.