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Plateau Kugitang.

Ecological tours of Turkmenistan.

Exploration tour passes on territory of unique relic reserve Kugitan. We shall visit a plateau of Dinosaurs where mineral traces of pangolins Jurassic the period were kept. Visiting of gorge Kyrkgyz "40 girls", well-known Karlyuk caves Kap-Kotan with fantastic halls and grottoes in thousand stalactites and stalagmites. Among them a hall of the Grandfather of the Frost and the Snow Maiden, a hall of the Jellyfish, a hall of Fairy tales. Further visiting of a unique warm hydrosulphuric source the Keinar-baba which for a long time is famous as wonder-working, curing of the diversified illnesses. Visiting of the mausoleum Astana-baba XIV centuries, being one of the most known pilgrim centers in territory of Turkmenistan.

The short description of a route of tour on a southeast of Turkmenistan:

Ashgabad - Turkmenabad – nature reserve Kugitang.

Extent of a route: 993 km.
Seasonal: all-the-year-round.
The Best time for travel: from April, 1st till September, 30th.

6 days and 5 nights.

The program of round day after day in the national reserve Kugitang:

1 Day. Excursion on Ashgabad, visiting Old Nisa, mosques Rukhy (33 km).
Arrival in Ashgabad. A meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation, rest. Breakfast. Start excursions in Ashgabad. Excursion in a museum of a Turkmen carpet. In a museum some hundreds the best samples of carpets of Turkmenistan are collected, the oldest carpet is dated XVII century. Here there is a second-largest carpet in the world a carpet of manual work - «Golden Age Great Saparmurat Turkmenbashi», the area of a carpet makes 301 square meters, the carpet - more than ton weighs. Visiting of a national museum of history of Turkmenistan, a monument of Independence of Turkmenistan, the Arch of the Neutrality, a memorial architectural ensemble "Earthquake". A lunch at local restaurant. After a lunch a trip on ancient site of ancient settlement Nisa (18 km). Ancient site of ancient settlement Nisa date I in the millenium up to BC. The site of ancient settlement consists of two fortresses: Old and New Nisa. Old Nisa was an imperial residence in Parthian, the New residence carried out functions of capital of Parthia. During existence Prthian Old Nisa referred to in honour of tsar Mitridata I under which order the town has been constructed. During this period Nisa was capital of empire, but later the capital has been transferred to Asia Minor. With arrival Sasanids Nisa has absolutely lost power, the town has been plundered and forgotten. The new stage in history Nisa begins with its ocurrence in structure Arabian Khalifats. The town again has risen, but to reach former power and could not. The beginning of final decline concerns to XI century, in 20th years of XIX century Nisa already represented ruins. The further transfer to mosque Turkmenbashi Rukhy (15 km). The mosque is located in Niyazov Kipchak's native village Saparmurata in 15 kilometers from Ashgabad. The mosque is a great architectural construction of an epoch of Saparmurata Niyazov. The total area of a mosque makes 18 000 square meters, height of a mosque - 55 meters. Near a mosque is four 80-ти a meter minaret. Capacity of a mosque for 7000 men and 3000 women. In 2006 of president Niyazov have buried in a sarcophagus which is in the center of the mausoleum. Here remains of its mother, the father and two brothers who have lost during earthquake in 1948 are based. Returning in Ashgabad, transfer to hotel. Dinner and overnight.
2 Day. Turkmenabad - settlement Kerki - an architectural complex Astana-baba - settlement Koityn (393 km). 
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport, morning flight to Tuklmenabad (45 min.). Arrival in Turkmenabd, a meeting at the airport. Transfer: Turkmenabad - settlement Sayat - settlement Halach - an architectural complex Astana-baba (210 km, 12 hours). Arrival on a complex Astana-baba (XII - XIX century). Visiting and photographing of an architectural complex and vicinities. A lunch in a way. The further transfer: a complex Astana-baba - kishlak Karlyk - settlement Koityn (183 km). Arrival in settlement Koityn, accommodation in the guest house, a dinner. Evening walk on lake Koityn (lake Kattakel) which is in northern part of a kishlak. Returning in the guest house, overnight.
3 Day. Reserve Kugitang - gorge Kyrkgyz - natural boundary Sary-Kiya (a plateau of Dinosaurs) (32 km). 
Breakfast. Transfer in reserve Kugitang which is located on border with Uzbekistan. The reserve is in mountains Pamiro-Alai in mountain ridges Baisuntau and Kugtang. Our way lays in a vicinity of mountain the Airy-baba of 3137 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in a southeast of Turkmenistan. Transfer: kishlak Koityn - gorge and cave Kyrkgyz «Forty girls» (9 km). This huge and deep gorge in which it is possible to be covered from the hot sun. Visiting of cave Kyrkgyz, walk on gorge, photographing of vicinities of gorge Kyrkgyz. Transfer: gorge Kyrkgyz - kishlak Khaodzhapil - natural boundary Sary-Kiya (a plateau of Dinosaurs) (7 km). Walk on a plateau of Dinosaurs. On a plateau of Dinosaurs, there are tracks of prehistoric pangolins in the fused magma, during eruption of a volcano the Airy-Baba. In district Sary-Kiya there are 22 lines from 360 tracks of dinosaurs. Such quantity of traces of legs Malm dinosaurs has no analogues in the world. At Khodzhapilazavrus on tridactyl legs fingers extended, long average slightly the finger is ahead, last finger - is shorter than the first. Gissarazavrus - a biped, four-fingered dinosaur, a heel rectangular, wide. Diameter of large tracks of adult dinosaurs has 70 - 80 centimeters, the distance of length of a step makes 1,5 meters, growth of dinosaurs was 8 - 12 meters, length of a trunk up to 5 meters, all within the limits of 5 - 10 tons. Picnic on the nature. Walk by the nature in vicinities of reserve Kugitan, visiting of a falls in gorge Umbar Dere. Returning in kishlak Koityn (16 km). Accommodation in the guest house, a dinner and overnight.
4 Day. Karlyk caves and canyons (142 km). 
Breakfast. Transfer: kishlak Koityn - kishlak Karlyuk (43 km). Arrival in kishlak Karlyuk, walk in vicinities of a kishlak. The further transfer: kishlak Karlyuk - Khashimayuk (12 km). Descent in a cave. In underground labyrinthes at light of lanterns we see outlines of stalagmites and stalactites. Cave Khashimayuk is geology-archeologic object in range Kugitang. Extent of a cave makes 3.5 kilometers and consists of set of labyrinthes in height from 5 up to 8 meters and width up to 50 meters. Here are available much speleothem karstic formations. Returning from a cave. Transfer: cave Khashimoyuk - gorge Bulak Dera (13 km). Walk to vicinities of gorge Bulak Dara. Transfer: gorge Bulak Dara - gorge Ob Dara - (11 km). Walk on natural sights gorge Ob Dara. A lunch in a way. Transfer: gorge Ob Dara - a hydrosulphuric springs the Keinar-baba (8 km). Walk in vicinities springs the Keinar-baba. Returning in kishlak Koityn (55 km). Accommodation in the guest house, a dinner and overnight.
5 Day. Kishlak Koityn - Turkmenabad (393 km). 
Breakfast. Departure kishlak Koityn at 06.00. Transfer: Koityn - Turkmenabad (425 km). A lunch in a way. Arrival in Turkmenabad, transfer to the airport, a start in Ashgabad (45 minutes). Arrival in Ashgabad, a meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation, a dinner and overnight.
6  Day. Ashgabad.
Transfer to airport. Departure from Ashgabad.