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Silk way and Baikonur.

Travel on sights of the Silk way of Middle Asia.

The short description of the tour route:

Almaty – Shymkent – ekpindy village – Temirlan – village – Tortkul village – Shaulder village - Otrar ruins – Arstanbab mausoleum - Turkestan – Sauran fortress – Zhanakorgan village – Sygnak ruins – Shieli village -  Kyzylorda – Korkyt-Ata memorial complex - Baikonur town – Baikonur cosmodrome – Baikonur (platform №200 - Platform 254\112 - Platform 1) - Turkestan - Shymkent Turkestan - check point «Zhibek Zholy\Gysht Kuprik» - Tashkent.

8 days and 7 nights.

The detailed program of tour day by day:

Site of ancient settlement Otrar.1 Day. Almaty.
Arrival in Almaty. Meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel. Accommodation, rest. Breakfast. City sightseeing: Park named after 28 Panfilov guardsmen, The Cathedral, Museum of National Musical instruments, Medeo gorge, Republic square. Transfer by car to railway-station Almaty II.  We take a train “Otrar” to Chimkent city at 18.04. Dinner and overnight on the train.
2 Day. Shymkent – Temirlan – Ekpindy – Shaulder – Otrar – Arstanbab – Turkestan (222 km).
Breakfast. Visiting of city park of Independence. Transfer: Shymkent - Temirlan village (48 km), visit to museum Khadji Mukana, the exposition of museum tells about well-known Kazakh fighter Mukan Munaitpasov who was the first Kazakh world champion on the French struggle. Transfer: Temirlan village - Ekpindy village (22 km), on way survey of the Red bridge in the village Ekpindy on the Bogen river, constructed in 1886. Transfer: Ekpindy village - Tortkol village - Shaulder village (78 km). Arrival in Shaulder village. Lunch in local cafe. Excursion in museum «Otrar» in which there are archeological finds with ancient Otrar, ransack and burnt by armies Chingis Khan in XII century. The ending of excursion, transfer: Shaulder village - Kogam village - site of ancient settlement Otrar (X - XII с.с.) (14 km), visiting of site of ancient settlement Otrar, archeological excavations - medieval bath, mosque, residential area, fortification. Transfer: site of ancient settlement Otrar - mausoleum Arstanbab (3 km), visiting of the mausoleum. Transfer to mosque Arstanbab (1 km), constructed on money of the Kazakhstan patron of art, visiting of mosque. Transfer: mosque Arstanbab - city Turkestan (56 km), arrival in Turkestan, transfer in hotel, accommodation. Dinner, overnight.Monument to Yury Alekseevich Gagarin established in the city of Baikonur.
3 Day. Turkestan - ruins Sauran - village Zhanakorgan - village Shieli - Kyzylorda (312 km).
Breakfast. Visiting historical and architecturally complex of Akhmed Yasavi: gallery of stone status, cultural-historical museum, historical (cultural sanctuary) museum Azaret-Sultan, the Gates (Darvaza) XIX c., Esimkhan mausoleum (XVI c.), Rabii Sultan Begim mausoleum (XV c.), Akhmed Yassavi mausoleum (XII-XIV c.c.), Zhuma mosque (1878), underground mosque Khilovat (XII-XV c.c.), oriental bathhouses (XV-XVI c.c.). Lunch in the local restaurant. Transfer: Turkestan - site of ancient settlement Sauran (51 km). From the left party from highway, behind the railway ancient fortress Sauran (XII - XVI с.с.) In those days Sauran it is known, as strategic and trading city on river Syr-Darya. In XII century Sauran became capital of the White Horde. In XIV century Timur has transformed city into a military fortress (diameter 550 - 800 meters) and its location on the Silk way promoted prosperity. The most interesting in this city were - underground channels of water. Visiting of site of ancient settlement Sauran. Transfer: site of ancient settlement Sauran - village Zhanakorga (68 km), visiting of regional historical museum. In museum there is rich exposition ancient female ornaments, musical instruments, the governmental military awards of times of Soviet Union. Survey of a monument by the victim in Great Domestic war. Transfer: village Zhanakorgan - site of ancient settlement Sygnak (42 km). In historical books about Sygnak for the first time it is mentioned in X century though under archeologic documents the city has arisen for two centuries earlier. Survey of restored mosque-medrece (XIII - XVII с.с.), Walk on archeological excavations of site of ancient settlement. Transfer: site of ancient settlement Sygnak - village Shieli (21 km). Visiting of regional history-study of local museum, survey of exposition Ibray Zhukhaev, well-known rice-grower Kazakhstan, expositions of national musical instruments. After the ending of excursion in a museum transfer in Kyzylorda (130 km). Arrival in Kyzylorda, transfer in hotel, accommodation. Dinner at restaurant of hotel, overnight.Assembly test complex at cosmodrome Baikonur.
4 Day. Kyzylorda - memorial Korkyt-Ata - Baikonur town (234 km).
Breakfast. The beginning of excursion on city, visiting regional history-study of local museum of city, museum has been formed in 1939. Visiting of memorial Korkyt-Ata. According to notes scientific wise men of an antiquity, the thinker of Turkic people, the orator, musician Korkyt was born also live in VII - IX centuries in country Bayat, in city Zhankent. Visiting of the main area of city «Tagzy», train station land side the areas and railway station, monument Gani Muratbaev - the public figure and the leader of youth of Kazakhstan here is located. Visiting of the oldest monument of architecture - mosques «Aytbaya», constructed in 1878 at financial support of merchant Aytbaya Baltabaev. Visiting Piously - the Kazan orthodox temple opened in 1896. Visiting of monument Syr-Ana and quay of river Syr-Darya, stella in height of 40 meters, represents the Kazakh girl dancing in the national order. Visiting of monument devoted to Great Domestic war. Sightseeing tour on city. The ending of excursion. Lunch in restaurant «Kyz Zhibek». After lunch transfer on memorial complex Korkyt-Ata (168 km). This architectural complex, is devoted to the Kazakh thinker, the philosopher, the storyteller (VII - X с.с.) to the founder of Kazakh string and stringed music Korkyt-Ata. Excursion in museum and memorial complex Korkyt-Ata. After excursion transfer to Baikonur (66 km). Arrival on check-point Baikonur transfer, service of formalities of check of permits and passports, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Transfer to hotel, accommodation. Dinner at restaurant of hotel, overnight.Start from place Gagarin.
5 Day. Cosmodrome Baikonur.
Breakfast. The beginning of excursion on the cosmodrome Baikonur. Departure at 8.00 from hotel. At entrance to zone of the cosmodrome, on the right and left parties constructions as speak at the cosmodrome are looked through: - without analog and in the majority, - unique in the world and which can be seen only here. Our way lays on starting complex Proton, platform 200 (63 km, 1 hour.). Excursion on starting complex Proton - from here it is made more than 90 various start-up of rockets. Transfer to complex Union, platform 254, survey of complex. Transfer on platform 2.  After lunch, transfer on Gagarin start, platform 1, (8 km, 20 mines). Lunch on Baikonur cosmodrome. Survey of place of start. Visiting of monument - to the first artificial satellite of the Earth. Transfer to museum of cosmodrome (1 km, 10 minutes). Excursion in museum, near to museum is legendary spacecraft “Buran”. After excursion in a museum - survey of memorial small houses of Jury Gagarin and cosmonaut-doubler Herman Titov in which cosmonauts have lead night before start and general designer Sergey Korolev. Returning in Baikonur town (50, km. 40 minutes). After dinner viewing of film «White sun of desert». Overnight.landing module with cosmonauts on the Earth.
6 Day. Baikonur town.
Breakfast. Excursion on avenue of cosmonauts in the hotel “Cosmonaut”. Excursion on the town Baikonur, visiting: of city museum of history of the cosmodrome. After visiting museum, visiting of monument to the first builders of city and the cosmodrome, bust to general Shubnikov. The sightseeing tour on city, visiting of avenue of the cosmonauts located in territory of hotel "Cosmonaut". Visiting of complex - monument to space exploration and history of city «The Dawn, Leninskiy, Leninsk, Baikonur», monuments to Jury Gagarin, general Nedelin, S.Korolev monument, memorial of the lost investigator, monument to rocket the Union, the city area with V.I.Lenin's monument, pavilion Gagarin in territory of a military unit on coast of the river Syr-Darya, quay Syr-Darya, monument to academician Jangel, model of nuclear ballistic rocket SS - 17 (on classification of NATO "Satana"), pedestals with planes AN - 12 and IL - 14, local «Arbat», monument Abaya Kunanbaev, the first locomotive of the cosmodrome at station of city, local market. Dinner, overnight.
7 Day. Baikonur – Kyzylorda – Turkestan (546 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Baykonur town – Kyzylorda - Turkestan town (546 km). Lunch on the way. Arrival in Turkestan, transfer to hotel, accommodation at the  hotel. Dinner and overnight.Trainings of cosmonauts in pool.
8 Day. Turkestan – Shymkent – Check Point “Zhibek Zholy” – Tashkent (285 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Turkestan – Shymkent Check-point “Zhibek-Zholy\Gysht Kuprik) (Kazak-Uzbek border) (285 km). ). After Kazakh border and customs formalities meeting for Uzbek guide on the Uzbekistan border. Border and customs formalities on the Uzbekistan side. Transfer to Tashkent (8 km). Arrival in Tashkent, transfer to hotel, accommodation, overnight.

uantity of tourists in group: from 1 up to 25 person
Seasonality: from April, 20th till October, 15th.
The best time for travel: May - August.

Distances on route of tour «Silk way of Kazakhstan + Baikonur»:

The general extent of route: 1 735 km
Shymkent – village Temirlan - 48 km
Village Temirlan – village Ekpindy - 22 km
Village Ekpindy – village Shaulder - 78 km
Village Shaulder - site of ancient settlement Otrar - 14 km
Site of ancient settlement Otrar - mausoleum Arstanbab - 3 km.
Mausoleum Arstanbab - mosque Arstanbab - 1 km
Mosque Arstanbab - Turkestan - 56 km.
Turkestan - Sauran site of ancient settlement - 51 km.
Site of ancient settlement Sauran – village Zhanakorgan - 68 km
Village Zhanakorgan - site of ancient settlement Sygnak - 42 km
Site of ancient settlement Sygnak – village Shieli - 21 km
Village Shieli - Kyzylorda - 130 km.
Kyzylorda - memorial complex Korkyt-Ata - 168 km
Memorial complex Korkyt-Ata - Baikonur - 66 km.
Baikonur - platform №200 cosmodromes Baikonur - 55 km
Platform 200 - Platform 254\112 - 29 km
Platform 112 - Platform 1 - 8 km
Platform 1 - Baikonur - 50 km
Baikonur - Turkestan - 540 km
Turkestan - check point «Zhibek Zholy\Gysht Kuprik» - 285 km.International Space Station.

The note:
The travel agency « Silk Road Adventures » reserves the right to itself for modification in the program of  tour, considering the special order of mode on objects of the cosmodrome. Programs and the description, cannot is used without the permission from the tourist company «Silk Road Adventures».