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Alla-Kuli-khan tim.

The basic places of interest of sacred Khiva.

After Alla-Kuli-khan in 1832 - 1833 has constructed a caravan-serai in which there was a hotel, a warehouse and trading counters, it became obvious, that the covered market - Tim which have been attached to a caravan to a serai in 1836 - 1838 is necessary.
Its western and east facades are issued in the form of a city gate, reveted burnish by a brick with a laying of figures on angular towers. Now a caravan-serai and tim look as a uniform construction.
This construction combined functions of a city gate, a market and "lobby" a caravan of a serai. Trade in Tim was carried out in lateral shop where merchants stood with the goods. Here it was possible to buy not only the local goods, but also the Russian or English fabrics, silk shawles, Bukhara boots, utensils from China, etc.
Raisas supervised correctness of weights and watched order. He has been authorized to settle disputes on a place, using taxes and battery. From buyers at a gate the duty on import and export of the goods undertook.
The sizes тима 74 x 26.5 meters, diameter of domes from 9.5 up to 6 meters.

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