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Avenue Rudakhi.

Familiarization tour across Dushanbe. 

This main central street of capital and the big prospectus of city it is named in honour of Rudakhi - classics of the Tadjik literature. Prospectus Rudakhi was stretched from the south on the north on 12 kilometers, from territory of railway station up to the input in mountain gorge Varzob.
Shirking under prospectus Rudakhi, you can familiarize with the main places of interest of city: rare architectural compositions of capital, administrative, scientific and cultural establishments, higher educational institutions, the central trading networks, the state symbols of the country, capital theatres, museums, hotels and restaurants.
 The central street of capital begins with around train station the areas of Academicians Solekha and Zarif Radzhapovs (was Kuibyshev) and comes to an end in last point of the central prospectus - park of a name of S.Aini.

The Tourist guidebook on monuments of Dushanbe. 2012.