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Bolo hauz mosque.

Tours over architectural masterpieces of Bukhara.

Bolo Hauz Mosque (over the pool)is situated at Registan Square near Ark Citadel. The mosque is built in classic style of Central Asia: there is a winter building built in 1712, summer aivan of the beginning of XX century with sumptuous painted ceiling and ancient wooden columns.
Bolo-Hauz ensemble was built in the beginning of XVIII-th century and is regarded as a young building in comparison with other monuments of Bukhara. The mosque consist of minaret and a mosque itself, which are reflected on the waters of the pond (hauz)preserved till today.
This pond actually gave the name to the whole ensemble. Bolo-hauz is translated from Uzbek as “children pool”. Nearby the hauz there is a small minaret that was constructed in 1917 by the famous master Usto Shirin.
Due to the legend, Emir of Bukhara usually comes down to this mosque from the Ark fortress by the path covered with carpets for praying procedures. The most striking detail of the mosque is the decoration of aivan the columns of which are spliced from two trunks and had difficult stalactite capitals.

Bolo hauz mosque.Painting ceiling Bolo hauz mosque.Bolo hauz mosque. Bolo hauz mosque.

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