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Chaikhana Rokhat.

                                             Visiting of places of interest of Dushanbe.

Chaikhana "Rokhat" - the card of Dushanbe. It has been opened on June, 22nd, 1958. Built chaikhana international collective under the project of Russian architect K.N.Terletskiy. In construction the talent of great masterly Tadjik masters which it is able is visible, used the forces and knowledge in a version of national art.
The building chaikhana consists of two floors and can simultaneously serve up to 80 person of its its wall are decorated by a national ornament. Chaikhana Rokhat is on prospectus Rudakhi and is one of a favourite corner of rest of inhabitants and visitors of Dushanbe.
Chaikhana, that in translation means «the tea house» is the most visited place in the countries of the Central Asia. In Dushanbe it is possible to visit known and already entered in number of places of interest of city chaikhana Rokhat. 
When in Dushanbe, do not forget to pay a visit to Chaikhana, which are the traditional Tajik teahouses. This is where the locals traditionally drink their tea, or come to meet people and enjoy a cup of tea and the latest local gossip.
You can expect to find tea and sweets being served at all Chaikhanas; some of them even serve rice and kababs. I
n Tajikistan, teahouses are centers of hospitality, easily found near bazaars or by listening for music coming from them onto the street.
People (mostly men) meet there for green tea, food, conversation, and chess. The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse offers dishes from Persia and more than seven other countries with uncompromising quality.
Tea drinkers will appreciate the generous selection of full-leaf, handpicked teas that are served in a Chats ford pot. Between the ornate Tajik surroundings and the tastefully prepared food and drinks, the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse is a memorable spot you will want to revisit.

Interior in the tea house Rokhat.Interior in the tea house Rokhat.Interior in the tea house Rokhat.Interior in the tea house Rokhat.

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