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All travels across the Central Asia and services (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan).
35 years of work in tourism.

Tourist Company “Silk Road Adventures”

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Responses of tourists about our service in Kazakhstan and Central Asia:


Dear Alexander Petrov (2018) Trip to Tajikistan,

We have now returned to England after an excellent Tajikistan trip and we must thank you for introducing us to Faridun with whom we got on very well. We say ‘excellent’ even though we totally failed in our number one objective which was to find Tulips. Apparently the season was very early and we only found one plant with a flower! However we were amazed at the countries grandeur, friendliness and hospitality and were always kept busy.
Unfortunately we did not manage to meet your good friend Mukhamadrassul but we did meet his son Divashtich who looked after us magnificently and we came home with his ‘secret’ recipe for ‘ploff’ and good memories of his cooking. A lovely person!
We were stunned and excited by the magnificence of the Wakhan Corridor area which exceeded all our expectations. Thank you again for making suggestions to Faridun for what we might like. We understand that you should be seeing Faridun shortly and in the meantime doing lots of travelling – what an exciting part of the world you live in.

John and Valerie. (England)


Dear Moldir, (2017)

We want to say many thanks to you for the travel. Kazakistan is a very interesting country and the travel was organized perfectly.

 In the Almaty section Cholpan was very expert and educated guide, Sergej a good and skilled driver. The places we visited during this section were very interesting: the city Almaty, the Kolsai and Kaindy lakes, the Altyn-Emel National Park. All the visits was perfectly perform. The hotel Kazzhol in Almaty was very confortable hotel, guesthouse in Saty and Altyn-Enel was not so confortable, but I thing in those places there was nothing better, so It's all right the way you did.

 The Aktau section was wonderfull becouse Menghistau is very beautiful land, difficult to visit, but very beautiful. There we've travelled with a Russian guide and driver, Stanislaw, and a cook, Sasha. The interpreter didn't come with us due to his problems. The travel across this region was amazing, Stanislaw was expert and geologic guide, many names about the different stones descend from latin language and we understood his russian speech. Sasha was always very kind and helpful. Food was excellent and very well cooked. No problems with Stanislaw and Sasha even though they didn't speak english.

 At last Astana, Erlan was an excellent guide and a very positive person: good Astana sightseeing and accurate transfers, thank you for the selection of this guide.

 Final thanks for your organization, we are planning to came back in Kazakhstan in a two or three years. Of course we will contact you for organization of the new travel, if you want.

I hope everything is clear, anyway don't hesitate to contact me if you need some other question.

 Best regards, Giovanni Procopio (Italy).


Dear Alexandr! (2017)

Many, many thanks for your help to named the tulips. I am writing an report of our travel in Kasachstan, and this was a greatn help for me. It was a wonderfull travel with you, thanks and many greetings!
Best ragards,  Feri Robl (Austria)


Dear Alexander and Moldir! (2017)

It was realy a very, very nice trip with you in Kazakhstan!
We often think about this wounderful time. Our trip with Alexander was realy outstanding, great, super and perfect!
But we changed the program and than also the trip with Wladimir was outstanding, great, super and perfect.
Thank you for organizing our trip!

All the best wishes from Christine and Peter. (Austria)


Dear Mr. Alexander Petrov (2000)

Attached is the form that was given to me in Tashkent for my opinions about your services during my trip to Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan) from 4 October through 18 October.  Sorry for the delay in returning the form, but I have been extremely busy catching up after the trip.

Overall, I enjoyed the trip very much!

All of the hotels were as expected for their 4* and 3* ratings.  The Grand Turkmenistan was excellent.  All of the hotels were in excellent locations. All of the hotels were clean and the staff in each was friendly and helpful. All of the guides knew the history and explanations of the sights. They were all energetic and enthusiastic! They all walked everywhere and climbed every minaret and tower. 

Turkmenistan:  There is so much to see. There is so much to see with all of the ancient ruins. Both Tatyana and Eugenia were very good guides. They really know     the history, art, architecture, and decorative arts. Plus Eugenia was extremely knowledgeable in archaeology, architecture and decorative arts. I just wish the Gonur dig had been included.  The drivers there were fine.

Uzbekistan:  All of the guides were very good. They were very enthusiastic and energetic. They all knew the general history, the old cities, and the important sights     with very good descriptions.  And we walked every square inch of the old cities, markets/bazaars, major buildings, climbed every Minaret and tower.  Please note I         needed to use the internet in Tashkent.  The guide (Anastasia) in Tashkent was very helpful in finding an internet cafe and interpreting the words on the computer that     were not in  English.  The guide (Nadia) in the Fergana Valley was very good about the border crossing into Kyrgyzstan.  There is plenty  to see in Uzbekistan  - I liked Khiva, Topraq-Qala, and Bukhara the best.  And all of the crafts in the Fergana Valley. The local people were all very friendly in the markets, factories, and handcraft shops.

Kyrgyzstan:  I wish I could have stayed longer, at least and extra half day. But what I did get to see was wonderful. The guide (Merishka) was excellent and extremely nice. The driver was very good.

The only problem in the entire trip were the two drivers in Uzbekistan. They did not speak English!  This is a very big problem when you are driving long distances and the guide/interpreter is not with you!  The one driving from the border to Tashkent spoke very little English.  Only enough to get by. The driver for the Fergana Valley spoke no English at all and smoked in the car when I told him not to.  No private driver is ever supposed to smoke inside the car!

Just as a personal note:  the primary focus of my trips are the ancient ruins, old architecture, decorative arts, and what cities/towns are like today.  And the history that relates to these.  I was particularly interested in covering the Silk Road routes and cities on this trip. 

 Sincerely, Cheryl Morrison (USA)


Dear Moldir, (2012)

Our travel in Turkmenistan has come to the end safely.

My friend and I are very happy with tour. All has been made professionally and in time, according to the program. Guides spoke in good English, machines were quite comprehensible quality and drivers well helped. The tourist infrastructure in the country is developed, the airports in an excellent condition, flights have passed all superb. The camping has been well organized.

Many thanks for the help in the organization of tour.

Slavik Dushenkov. (USA).


Dear Moldir,

Apologies for the delay in replying but we have only just returned home from our trip.

We were very pleased with our tour in Kazakhstan.  We saw many interesting places and our guide and driver did everything they could to make the trip as comfortable and interesting as possible.  The hotels were not luxurious but they were adequate for our needs and the people at the guest house in the national park were very hospitable.  The transfers were satisfactory as we were met and dropped off at the airport in a timely manner.

We would be happy to recommend your company to anyone visiting Central Asia and thank you for your attention to our requests and your arrangement of a memorable tour.

Kind regards, Helen  (Switzerland)


Dear Moldir (2015)

We have had a really superb trip and seen lots of fascinating sites. Alexander has to be the best 4 x 4 driver that we have ever met as well as having an excellent knowledge of the region. Olga did her job well and was good company for Valerie when Alexander and I went off exploring.

How we wish that we were still in Kazakhstan (Mangyshlak)!! 

Alexander, we do most sincerely thank you for giving us such a superb trip through such amazing terrain – we both enjoyed it immensely, and we both learnt a lot from you. We were also very pleased that we had the same interests - plants, wild scenery, geology and travel – and that we got on so well.

Thank-you once more for letting me have copies of you fine photographs.

The organisation was superb and the food could not have been beaten. We would have no hesitation in recommending  “Silk Road Adventures” to anyone!

John and Valerie. (England)