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Cult-memorial complex Zhaysan 14.

Excursion trip in Kazakhstan.

“In the bluish distance, where the last visible hill merged with the fog, nothing moved; the guard and burial mounds, which rose here and there above the horizon and the boundless steppe, looked stern and dead; centuries and complete indifference to man were felt in their stillness and soundlessness; Another thousand years will pass, billions of people will die, and they will still stand as they stood, not at all sorry for the dead, not interested in the living, and not a single soul will know why they are standing and what secret of the steppe they are hiding under them.

A.P. Chekhov. "Happiness". Dedicated to Ya.P. Polonsky.

Ritual structures of Kazakhstan.

The cult-memorial complex Zhaisan 14 is located at an altitude of 586 meters above sea level, located in the western tip of the Chu-Ili mountains, on the territory of the Shui district of the Zhambyl region. A characteristic feature of the cult-memorial complex Zhaisan 14 (Big Kogan) are three stone statues standing on the eastern side of all three adjacent fences.
All sculptures represent three types of stone sculpture of the Turkic nomads, which became widespread in the Central Asian steppes. The male statue, set at the northern fence, is chest-deep, in the center is a female statue, in whose hands a vessel is shown, held with both hands (the head of the statue and the left hand are beaten off).
The second male statue, standing at the eastern wall of the southern fence, can be described as a classic monument of ancient Turkic monumental art by its manner of execution, details of iconography and objects depicted on the statue.
Geographical coordinates of cult-memorial complex Zhaisan 14: N43°36'57.17" E74°00'43.26"

Report on archaeological research under the state program "Cultural Heritage - 2004". Almaty: ID Credo, 2005. P. 31.
Dosymbaeva Aiman Medeubaevna
Nuskabay Abdinur Argynbayuly

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.