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Drama theatre Lakhuti.

 Visiting theatres of Dushanbe.

The Tadjik academic drama theatre of a name of A.Lakhuti. It is the first republican theatre which has been opened in October, 1929. In 1933 to theatre A.Lakhuti name - the Tadjik writer, the poet and the playwright is appropriated.
A.Lakhuti contribution to development of theatre to Tajikistan who for the first time has translated into the Tadjik language of a drama of Shekspir specially for statements is invaluable.
 In 1939 to theatre the rank academic is appropriated.
 On a stage of the Tadjik academic theatre of a drama of a name of A.Lakhuti within Great Domestic war there were performances of directors of the evacuated theatre of Red Army from Moscow E.Mittelmana, A.Aleksandrina, Kansel under plays "Fuente Ovekhun" Loe de Vegi, "Othello", "King Lir", "Romeo and Juliet", "Two verons" U.Shekspir, " to Mountain from mind " A.Griboedov, F.Schiller's "Robbers", " the Servant of two misters "K.Goldoni, the "Uncle Vanya" A.Chekhov and many other things.
 In 1990 - 1991 Performance "Edip" on product of antique author Sofokla made the big success in Moscow. The director-director and the featured actor of performance "Edip" H.Gadoev has received a rank of the winner of the State premium it. A.Rudaki.
 In 1998 the Tadjik academic drama theatre it. A.Lakhuti with performance of "Fringes Chubina" has received a high estimation of jury of the International theatrical festival "Fadjr" which is passed in Iran.
 Statement "Call of love" (author K.Abdullo, director H.Majbaliev) has received Grand prix at republican festival "Parastu-99".  "Sid" Kornel (director H.Majbaliev) in 2001 became the winner of the State premium of a name A.Rudaki.
 For the period of the existence the theatre has passed a long career. Talented masters of a stage of H.Gadoev, H.Nazarov, I.Isoeva, etc. continue the best traditions of this theatre.
 Today the repertoir of theatre alongside with products of national dramatic art includes plays of world classics.
Spectators could see performances "Ismoili Somoni" (director F.Kosymov), "Edip" Sofokl (director H.Gadoev), "Sid Kornel (director H.Majbaliev), "Zaratustra" N.Tabarova (director D.Ubajdullaev), "Don Zhuan" Moliere (director D.Ubajdullaev), "Where we go?" N.Abdullaev (director H.Majbaliev), "Call of love" K.Abdullo (director H.Majbaliev), "Fairy tales of the old man" N.Abdullaev (director A.Mahmadzhonov), "Fringes Chubina" T.Ahmadhanova (director T.Ahmadhanov), "Alexander the Great and Spitamen" B.Abdurakhmanova (director B.Miralibekov), etc.

Drama theatre name Abulkasyma Lakhuti in Dushanbe.


Alexander Petrov.