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Guided tour to Astana and Borovoe.

Hiking trip to Borovoe park.

“May came home with a smooth round stone as small as a world and as large as alone” 

E.E. Cummings.

 The short description of a tourist trip from Astana to Borovoe park: 

Astana - settlements of Shortandy - Makinsk - Chuchinsk - Borovoe - Astana.

Distance of the tour: 607 km.
Season: all-the-year-round.
Best time for tour: May - September.
Distance for of hiking: 5 km.
Advanced order: for 48 hours.
Duration of the tour: 2 days, 1 night.

The detailed program of a trip on lakes Borovoe:

Adventure tour on the Borovoe lakes.

Day 1. Astana - Shchuchinsk - the Borovoe park (339 km).
Transfer: Astana - Shortandy - Makinsk - Shchuchinsk (245 km). We drive on the best road in Kazakhstan which connects the Northern Capital to the national Borovoe natural park which was built in 2008. After we pass Astana, we will see the real Kazakhstan steppes, equal to the horizon, with the clouds hanging to the earth.
Throughout all way we are accompanied by steppes and only near the settlement of Shchuchinsk which is in close proximity to national park Borovoe, we will meet, the pine woods, hills which smoothly pass into granite mountains. Arrival in the settlement of Shchuchinsk. From here our automobile walk on the Borovoe park begins.
Transfer: Shchuchinsk - the lake Big Shchuchinsk (3 km). We pass the arboretum which was stretched near the settlement and from here we go to the lake Pike. We move along the west bank of the lake, in the most interesting and beautiful places overlooking the lake we will stop and will walk to the lake and its vicinity. On the west bank of the lake the children's «Baldauren» camp, five-stars the «Kokshetau-park» hotel, sanatorium "Gold pine forest", rest houses are located.
Further transfer: the lake Shchuchinsk - the lake Small Chebachye (34 km). From North side of the lake Pike there is a big sanatorium “Shchuchinsky”, pass it, then the small lakes Light and Akylbai will meet. On the left side from the road the mountain Zheke batyr (Sedlovatka) of 826 meters above sea level towers. In a southwest part of the lake Small of Chebachye, the settlement of Akylbay, at once from it is located, on the right side, the northwest coast of the lake Small Chebachye begins. Walk in the vicinity of the lake.
Transfer: the lake Small Chebachye - the lake Zhaynak (23 km). From the middle of the lake Small Chebachye Road begins departs on the North and soon, approximately, through 9 kilometers we approach to the small lake Maybalyk which is located to the right of the road. Walk in the neighborhood of the lake Maybalyk. Transfer to the lake Zhaynak, walk in vicinities.
Transfer: lake Zhaynak - lakes Tekekol and Big Chebachye (14 km). On the southeast coast of the lake Tekekol there is a sanatorium of Maybalyk. The lakes Tekekol and Big Chebachye are located a row with each other, walk in the vicinities of lakes.
Transfer to lakes Borovoe and Big Chebachye (18 km). On the way we pass the small lake Akkol which will be to the left of the road. The settlement Borovoe is located between two lakes - Borovoe and Big Chebachye. Arrival on the lake Borovoe, walk in the vicinities of the lake, visit of the lake Big Chebachye.
Further transfer to the Blue gulf which is in a northwest part of the lake Borovoe (6 km), walk in the vicinities of the gulf, visit of the Panoramic platform with which opens a picturesque look on stone the island Zhumbaktas. From here opens fascinating views of the rocks Okzhetpes, Three sisters and the highest mountain Borovoe - Kokshetau - Blue mountain (Sinyukha) - 947 meters high above sea level, on a mountain ridge of Burabay (Camel) with the greatest height of 690 meters above sea level.
Transfer to a glade of Abylay khan (2 km). On the way we pass sanatorium of “Okzhetpes” which is located on the northwest coast of the lake Borovoe. Walk in the neighborhood of a glade of Abylay khan. In a northern part of a glade there is a rocky massif which is called a throne of Abylay khan. Transfer to hotel, accommodation. Free time, overnight.   
Day 2. Walk on the mountain of Kokshetau. Borovoe park - Astana (256 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: settlement Borovoe - glade Abylay khan (7 km). Hiking walk on top of the mountain of Kokshetau (5 km). In the park Borovoe this mountain is the most popular top of the local resort from where the panorama of several largest lakes of national park is perfectly visible. Climbing the mountain does not demand special preparation or special equipment for rock-climbing. Climbing the mountain takes 2, 2,5 hours. Height of top of 947 meters above sea level from here opens an excellent view of four lakes, neighboring mountains which are covered with the woods and huge weather-beaten stones. The mountain of Kokshetau - Blue mountain (Sinyukha) has Northern and Southern tops. It represents a rocky crest about 6 - 7 kilometers long which towers over the wood. From South side from Kokshetau the mountain Burabay which height makes 690 meters above sea level is located. In translation from Kazakh of Burabay the camel means. Return to a glade of Abylay khan. Transfer to Astana.

National natural park Borovoe.National natural park Borovoe.National natural park Borovoe.National natural park Borovoe.National natural park Borovoe.National natural park Borovoe.'National natural park Borovoe.National natural park Borovoe.

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