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History Big Almaty gorge.

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“The miracles of earth are the laws of heaven”

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We pass prospectus Al-Farabi and our way lays on the south in mountains along the street which up to a dam in the Big Almaty gorge is built up by cafe and restaurants on any choosy taste. We pass a dam, construction which has begun in 1976 and has ended in 1980.
Height of a dam of 40 meters, length of 422 meters. The dam has kept catastrophic mud flow which threatened city on August, 3rd, 1977. Mud flow has left the right inflow Big Almaty - the rivers Kumbel-Su.
Approximately through 1 kilometer we come to vicinities of the Second Hydroelectric Power Station, from here one road напраляется in gorge Alma-Arasan (the Apple source), our road turns on the left in the basic gorge.
 Construction of the cascade of Hydroelectric Power Station on the river Greater Алматинка has been stipulated by plan Gelro in 1920. With the beginning of Great Domestic war the State Committee of Defense of the USSR has made a decision on construction on the river Greater Almatinka  the cascade of hydroelectric power stations for maintenance with the electric power of the USSR of factories evacuated from the European part and the enterprises.
Designing and spadework have been begun by the Leningrad branch of institute " Hydroproject " in 1942, construction of the first power stations has begun with April, 1943. Construction was conducted by a method of national construction in which have taken part over 6 000 city dwellers, the military men concluded.
Concerning to prisoners at construction of Hydroelectric Power Station: Japanese военнопленные participation in construction of Hydroelectric Power Station did not accept. Japanese prisoner of war in the Big Almaty gorge, prepared a stone in vicinities of a present dam.
And others constructions participated in construction of the cascade of Hydroelectric Power Station the Soviet prisoners, free settlement, in peasantry "chemists" for whom in vicinities of the First Hydroelectric Power Station the colony-settlement has been constructed of capital brick and stone houses-barracks, a dining room and kitchen, a medical unit, club and a punishment cell.
By the way the punishment cell exists and to this day, in territory of a former colony-settlement, consists of the general corridor and four chambers of the sizes 3 х, 1,5 with massive metal doors, in chambers there is a small window and the furnace.
In the middle of 70-s years of XX century a colony-settlement it has been reorientated in a rest house «Municipal employee» which have started to destroy in the beginning of 2000 years.
Works at construction of the cascade of Hydroelectric Power Station have been poorly mechanized also all labour-consuming operations carried out manually. In October, 1953 the First Hydroelectric Power Station "Ozernay" with three Italian units of firm «Ansaldo San-Jordjio» which work till now is started up in operation.
The first Hydroelectric Power Station,located on 1900 meters above sea level, is most high-pressure water hydroelectric power station on all space of the former USSR. With input of the Second Hydroelectric Power Station by capacity 14,3 МВт in July, 1959 construction of the hydrostations using energy demand the Big Almaty gorges has come to the end.
In 1947 from a place of the Second Hydroelectric Power Station to the First Hydroelectric Power Station the highway on which have passed the first lorries delivered a building material and cargoes for hydroelectric power stations and hydraulic engineering constructions has been laid.
From the western slope of gorge the pipe, submitting water on the turbine of power station downwards is laid, the settlement energy mans is below located. There are many different opinions on participants of construction of the cascade of Hydroelectric Power Station.
From the Big Almaty lake the metal massive pipe, diameter 2, 5 meters which is brought in the beginning to the First Hydroelectric Power Station is laid, then lasts by the top part of the western slope of gorge to the second Hydroelectric Power Station.
On a way of rise to lake the stop on one of streamers whence opens a panorama on gorge and the First Hydroelectric Power Station. We pass a hydropost to the right of the road, located in a mouth of the river Kumbel-Su on which in 1977 and 1989 have passed catastrophic have sat down.
Following place of interest on our way hotel «Alpine rose» which has appeared after privatization acclimatization house "Alpine" which was at "Kazglavselezachita", city businessmen in the end of 90-s' years of the last century.
In 70-s years the pioneer camp here worked, but after lodging per 1977 use of object as pioneer camp was inexpedient and the decision on transfer of camp "Kazglavselezashchita" was accepted.
Soon we on lake Big Almaty. From vicinities of lake panoramas on peak of Sovietov of 4317 meters above sea level, peak of the Big Almaty 3608 meters above sea level, peak of Ozernyi 4216 meters above sea level open. 

Big Almaty lake. 1984, XXZth century. Alexander Petrov photo.On the mountain lake. V. Boldyrev photo. 1941. From a collection of the Museum Almaty.Upper courses of the Big Almaty gorge. Alexander Petrov photo. 1983. XXth century.Big Almaty lake. 1929. XXth century.Big Almaty lake. 1929. XXth century.Big Almaty mount. 1929. XXth century.Big Almaty falls. 1929.Big Almaty lake. 1983. Alexander Petrov photo.On the pass of the Soviet builders (Memories of friends). East spur of peak of Councils. 1986. XXth century. Alexander Petrov photo.In the environs of the Big Almaty lake. 1929.Big Almaty lake. 1983. Alexander Petrov photo.Big Almaty lake. 1929.

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