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Island Kishkine Alakol lake.

Walks on islands on lake Aakol.

“The miracles of earth are the laws of heaven”

Jean Paul Richter.

Nomad Routes from Caspian to Altai.

Island Kishkine Araltobe (Small Stone) - length of 3,2 km, width - 1,1 km, the area - 2 km. Absolute height - 501,4 meters above sea level. It is the highest rocky
the island towering above lake on 150 meters, the island is covered by small thickness of sedimentary breeds (Kazanskiy, 1965).
The Most part of island is borrowed with the stony hill divided by a valley on two parts. The southern and southwest party represents steep rocks with the ledges, abruptly breaking in water.
East and northern party of island with small valleys, semidesertic vegetation. A shore from rubble and bench gravel. On inundated terraces of the rivers and lakes under vegetation are widespread meadow ground, on lake downturn and bogs meadow marsh ground.
In island territories of reserve are formed brown deserted ground. Near to reserve a wide circulation have meadow ground with wormwood vegetation.

Decline in vicinities of island Kishkine.Island Kishkine.Decline in vicinities of island Kishkine.Decline in vicinities of island Kishkine.Lake Alakol.Decline in vicinities of island Kishkine.Rain in vicinities of island Kishkine.

Berezovikov Nikolay Nikolaevich, Cand.Biol.Sci.

Alexander Petrov