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Karamergen ruins.

Some 150 kilometres to the west of Shet Bakanas are the ruins of the caravan town of Karamergen on the "bank" of the dry valley Ortasu, the caravanserai (X - XIII centuries AD). 
At the ancient bed of the river Ortasu of which the main canal which was formed by two channels is built: one of which departs from the river Ortasu, and another - from the river Mingilchi. This channel is called Zharanda. Karamergen was formed in lower reaches of the fertile ruble irrigated by waters of the ancient delta.
Ili river and Bakanas river, near the southern coast of Lake Balkhash. Karamergen much more the ancient settlement to Acts.
The city of Karamergen was destroyed during invasions of the Mongolian nomads in the XIIIth century

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