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Kurtogay valley near Kegen bridge.

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Augustine of Hippo.

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Kurtogai valley is located at an altitude of 1086 meters above sea level, on the left bank of the Charyn River in the Rayymbek district of the Almaty region. This is one of the best, picturesque and accessible places in the canyon of the Charyn River, located 660 meters north of the Kegen Bridge over the Charyn River.
The area of ​​the valley is 270608 square meters, the perimeter is 2132 meters. If you are moving from Almaty towards the Kegen village, you need to drive 3 kilometers 635 meters from the turn to the Zhalanash village and Saty to the Charyn River.
About 700 meters before reaching the bridge, just before the right rounding of the road and the descent, you need to turn left from the highway onto a dirt road. This dirt road, after about 500 meters, will lead you to the panoramic platform of the Kurtogay valley.
This panoramic platform, on the left bank of the Charyn River, dominates the canyon, which offers breathtaking views. At the bottom, the Charyn River winds like a blue ribbon, the opposite bank and slope are cut by deep ravines, which together represent a unique landscape.
There is a large area with ancient burials, along the eastern edge, where you can take a walk and take interesting photographs of the surrounding nature. After a panoramic photo session, you can go down the road to the river and among the thickets of red barberry and in the shade of the turanga, relax and have lunch.
Geographical coordinates of Kurtogai valley on left bank of Charyn River: N43°16'25.68" E78°58'32.55"

Authority and photos by
Alexander Petrov.