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Kyuzeligyr fortress.

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Kyuzeligyr, Etimgyr, an archaeological monument of the VII - V century of century is BC in 60 kilometers to the west of Dashoguz, in the territory of the Akdepe etrap, Dashoguz Region. Represents the remains of the strengthened city over 25 hectares which originally occupied only the most raised southwest part of a height.
Is later a fortification from the North and the East from the early settlement nearly 13 more hectares were fenced. The ancient settlement was surrounded by two parallel walls between which the corridor about 2,5 m wide lasted.
The walls put from an adobe brick reached thickness of 1 - 1,5 m. On an external defensive wall with an interval 2 meters were available numerous narrow loopholes, and through each 35 meters - towers oval or squared.
Places of three gate are established. The main place in the top fortress was taken by an architectural complex which researchers consider the palace keeping lines of the economic and cult center of local breeding association.
Ceramic ware of Kyuzeligyr was made by means of a manual and foot potter's wheel, high development was reached by metal working. From bronze tips of arrows, details of a horse team, women's jewelry, etc. were cast.
Inhabitants were engaged in agriculture, however the distant-pasture and house cattle breeding was their primary activity nevertheless. Archaeological materials of Kyuzeligyr along with Sogds complexes, Margiana and the Southern Bactria undoubtedly represent options of one cultural layer, one big ethnocultural area.

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Alexander Petrov.