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Matpanabay Madrasah.

History of architecture of Khiva.

Madrasah is located to the north from the Juma Mosque. This madrassah was built by Matpanabay, one of the richest merchants  of the Khanate in 1905. Construction of the madrassah was carried out by the chief masters of Khiva Hudaybergen Haji and Qalandar Kochum.
The portal of the madrasah turned by the facial part to the east and from the southern side a corridor is designed to enter the madrassah. In the madrassah there are more than ten hujras for students, a darskhana (classroom), and in the southern part a domed mosque.
Descendants of Matpanabay now live in Tashauz, Turkmenistan. In 2001 in the premises of madrassah the exposition of the museum of history of "Avesta" dedicated to 2700 anniversary since the creation of this well-known book of ancient Khorezmians was open.
"Avesta" was not only an invaluable historical work which took into itself religious worldview and concepts of our ancestors and as well as a unique historical source, at the same time, revered by the world scientific community but also as a valuable historical heritage. In view of this circumstances  UNESCO at its 30th session, held in November 1999 in Paris, decided to widely celebrate  2700 years anniversary of "Avesta".
Jubilee celebrations were held in the homeland of "Avesta" in Uzbekistan, more precisely, in Khorezm. Visiting the museum of "Avesta" you get enough information about the most ancient history, lifestyle, customs and rites are, spiritual culture, science and other fields related to the life of the peoples of Central Asia, and the people of the East as a whole.