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Mausoleum of Bespakyr.

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“There is no more joy than seeing friends,
There is no worse grief than separation from friends”

 Rudaki Abu Abdallah Jafar.

Mausoleums of Akmola region.

The Bespakyr Mausoleum is located in the open steppe area, on the territory of the old necropolis, on the right bank of the Nura River, in the village of Abai, Korgalzhyn district, Akmola region. Mazar "Bespakyr" is a monument of religious architecture of Kazakhstan of the 30s of the XIX century.
A legend has been preserved among the people that Mazar Bespakyr was built in honor of five people who died during the national liberation war of 1837 - 1847 under the leadership of the last khan of the Kazakhs, Kenesary Kasymov.
The semantics of the word "bespakyr" literally means "sympathy for five." The mazar is made of adobe bricks measuring 30 x 23 x 10 cm and 50 x 10 cm, the composition of which consists of sheep’s milk, wool, horsehair and clay.
Beskakir characterizes the peculiar type of mazar, permitted in the form of a sagan with a dome entrance. A two-chamber composition of two oval in terms of volumes - basic, in the form of a sagan with a diameter of 6.5 m and a dome, above the entrance chamber with a diameter of 2.8.
The proportions of a small volume emphasize the smooth forms of the facade walls. A low arched entrance from the eastern side leads into an oval chamber, blocked by a dome, led out by a brick inlet. Along the axis of the portal is a low arched opening into a circular chamber in the form of a sagan, the wall height of which is 3 meters.