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Military History Museum in Nur-Sultan.

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“May the weapons give way to toga. May the war surrender to the world”

Mark Tullius Cicero.

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The Military History Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is part of the National Military-Patriotic Center of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition to the exposition, the building of the former concert hall of the Ministry of Defense houses a concert hall and exhibition areas intended for temporary expositions.
Here is the headquarters of the ensemble and military band of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Military History Museum is the most technically equipped in the whole country. The advantages include full-wall monitors, which broadcast carefully shot videos about the history of military campaigns of the times of the Kazakh khans and documentaries about the Great Patriotic War.
The museum exhibits more than 6,000 exhibits collected throughout the country. In particular, the museum presents things that belonged to Ivan Panfilov, the hero of the Soviet Union. In addition, original letters are kept here that two of the 28 Panfilov’s were awarded the titles Hero of the Soviet Union.
As for the heroes of the new century, the museum stores personal items of Kazakh cosmonauts Aydin Aimbetov and Talgat Musabaev and even the flag of the Kazakh air force, which flew over the Earth more than 150 times with them.
At the entrance to the museum in the atrium draw attention to the walls painted from floor to ceiling with paintings depicting troops in different historical periods. Here are bas-reliefs telling about the features of equipment, weapons and appearance of nomadic tribes of different eras.
The expositions of the Military History Museum in Nur Sultan include the following halls:
"Antiquity - XIX century".
“Weapons of the XXth - XXIst centuries”.
"Military history of the XX century".
"Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan".
Hall "Antiquity - XIX century".

This part of the exhibition tells about the development of weapons in Kazakhstan. The history of the exhibits presented here begins with the Stone Age, all of them were found in the country. In addition, exhibited samples of weapons, armor and equipment. In particular, a carefully executed exhibit of Bori armor from the VI - VIIIth centuries, whose equipment itself is a whole arsenal of weapons.
Hall “Arms of the XX – XXI Centuries”.
Various types of weapons are presented here: pistols, machine guns and machine guns, as well as ammunition and aircraft weapons of the XXth - XXIst centuries.
Hall “Military History of the XXth Century”.
This exhibition contains exhibits from the history of Kazakhstan of the last century. Here is a unique exposition about Alash Orda, the self-proclaimed Kazakh state during the Civil War, which lasted from 1917 to 1920. Also, a separate exposition is dedicated to the Great Patriotic War and the participation of Kazakhs in the Soviet-Afghan war.
Here is the "Wall of memory", on which the names of the holders of the orders of Glory, Heroes of the Soviet Union and the holders of the highest state award of Kazakhstan "People's Hero" are projected. Thanks to the unique archival documents transmitted by the Russian Federation, it was possible to create an interactive book that reveals new information about the Great Patriotic War. The book is available in full. Documents about the history of the creation of the legendary 100th Kazakh Rifle Brigade (it was formed in Almaty in 1941, took part in the Velikoluksky and Nevelsky operations, 215 people received personal awards for courage in the same room).
Hall "Armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

Visitors will be able to see the exposition about various types of troops: air defense, naval and ground forces. The original military uniform, awards, weapons of the past and present army of Kazakhstan are presented. Precise mock-ups of military aircraft, helicopters, ships and tanks have been created on a scale.
The most interesting of them are the T-72 tank, the Su-25 attack aircraft and the Tornado small ship.
Hall of Fine Arts.
Here are collected picturesque, graphic and sculptural compositions dedicated to the military events of the past of Kazakhstan. It is worth noting the sculptural portraits of Dzhambul Dzhabaev (famous Kazakh poet), Manshuk Mametova (machine gunner during the Great Patriotic War, the first Kazakh woman who was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union) and Alia Moldagulova (sniper, Hero of the Soviet Union).
The museum is located at: Astana, pl. Republic, d. 2.
You can get:
Stop "Samal Microdistrict": buses 1, 2, 3, 10, 20, 23, 25, 27, 31, 32, 37, 52. Buses 3, 23, 25, 31 follow from Astana railway station, and bus No. 10 connects the airport with the train station.
Stop "st. A. Barayev ”: buses 1, 3, 18, 20, 23, 25, 28, 44, 70, 103. These buses mainly go to residential areas of the city.


Photos by
Alexander Petrov.