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The puppet-show.

Foot walks across Dushanbe.

Dushanbe the theatre of dolls has been created in the beginning of 1985 under direction of the honored worker of arts RT Zafar Djavadov. The troupe and necessary experts who helped occurrence of 13-th under the bill of professional theatre with Tajikistan Has been typed.
There was a hard work on preparation of performances. Professionals (actors-puppeteers, artists) from other theatres were invited. On September, 7th, 1985 the theatre has been opened by performance "Adventures the Flour" (author S.Kuljamov, director Z.Dzhavadov, artist A.Gejvandov, composer K.Jahjaev).
For all time of existence of theatre it has been put over 40 plays, both modern Tadjik, and foreign authors. At theatre the children's studio which pupils take part directed by some performances is created.
In 1986 the theatre has been invited in Germany for participation in "Days of Tajikistan" as the visitor. In 1988 - were in Switzerland, in 1989 - in Mongolia, Czechoslovakia.
In 1991 - 1992, in Teheran, participated in international theatrical festival passed there. erformances with delight have been accepted by spectators.
Took part in "The March of the World", passed in Paris, in September, 1995. Were at festivals in Lahore (Pakistan, 1998), and in Italy (1999). Performances have passed all successfully.
The theatre has gone To Italy with the play "Reflections about war and peace" (directors A.Aminov, Z.Dzhavadov, artist A.Gejvandov). Performance is devoted to civil war and post-war events in republic.
Dolls for it are executed in a traditional national manner, ethnographic motives, folklore and music of Tadjik people also are used. In performance it is involved no more than 10 person. "Kind ideas, kind words, kind business…" (directors A.Aminov, Z.Dzhavadov, 1999) took part in performance children from children's studio.
Performance has been devoted to 90-years anniversary of academician B.Gafurova and the 1100 anniversary of education of the state Samanidov. In 2001 " the Whimsical young lion " has been put to A.Muhamaddieva.
 At capital state theatre of dolls the first international festival of puppet theaters - «Chodari khotel» («The Curtain of imagination») from September, 25th till October, 2nd, 2007 was spent.