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The sculpture "Artist" in Nur-Sultan.

Tours in the city of Nur-Sultan.

“Some [arts] - to meet the necessary needs, others - to spend time; we always consider the inventors of the latter to be wiser than the inventors of the former, since their knowledge was not aimed at obtaining profit”


A trip to Nur-Sultana in Samarkand.

"Artist" is a sculpture installed on the central square of the city of Nur-Sultan in 2005. She is part of a series of sculptures "Citizens", which appeared in the city with the assistance of Nursultan Nazarbayev - the president of Kazakhstan.
The statue made of bronze is a figure of a young girl in a baseball cap and jeans, who enthusiastically draws something on an easel. For young people, the artist’s bronze canvas serves as a kind of Aladdin’s lamp - they write their desires on it and claim that they are fulfilled.
City artists consider sculpture a symbol of their creative profession, and local residents and guests of Astana are happy to take pictures with an unusual monument.


Alexander Petrov.