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Sculptures on Round Square in Nur-Sultan.

Photo tours of the sights of Nu-Sultan.

“With the one who raised his errors to the right,
Better not argue, it is not easy to cure blindness.
Such a heart is like a crooked mirror:
Everything will distort and turn beauty into nothing”


A trip from Nur-Sultan to Turkestan.

A series of sculptures, installed on the Round Square in the city of Nur Sultan in 2005, appeared as a result of a competition held by the city authorities among artists, sculptors and designers.
The best projects of the masters were brought to life and awarded the honor to decorate the city.
So on the streets of the capital of Kazakhstan appeared very original works of art. A total of 12 sculptures are installed along the 330-meter perimeter of the Round Square. One of the series, called "Citizens", depicts a girl who is late for a date, or a guy and a girl who sat down to rest.
You can also see a number of interesting national sculptures: a shaman with a kobyz, nomads, a herd of horses and other sculptures symbolizing.