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Settlement of Turgai in Kostanay region.

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Turgai settlement (Kaz. Torgay), the administrative center of the Dzhangeldin district of the Kostanay region of Kazakhstan. The administrative center and the only settlement of the Torgai rural district. In 1845, an Orenburg detachment under the command of Major Tomilin, who acted against the uprising of Kenesary Kasymov, on the right bank of the Turgai River marked a place for a strong point, where a fortification was erected, called the Orenburg one.
The first settlers were the Orenburg Cossacks. With the introduction of the steppe position in 1868, the fortification was renamed into the county town of Turgai, which became the administrative center of the Turgai district of the Turgai region.
During the civil war in 1918, Soviet power was established in Turgai, but in April 1919, as a result of an anti-Soviet rebellion, Turgai was captured by the Alash Horde. Finally, Soviet power was established in Turgai at the end of 1919.
In 1999, the population of the village was 6462 people (3177 men and 3285 women). According to the 2009 census, 5767 people lived in the village (2799 men and 2968 women). As of January 1, 2016, the population of the village was 4860 people (2372 men and 2488 women).