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Square Aini.

Routes of holiday off across Dushanbe.

In Dushanbe there is an square of name Sadriddin Aini. Here the monument to the writer is established. In 1978 Tajikistan celebrated its 100 anniversaries anniversary. The same day monument-ensemble Sadriddin Aini has been solemnly opened.
Around of statue Sadriddin Aini there were characters of its products. On square Aini the museum of name Bekhzad, former shop "Book world", hotel "Dushanbe", the House of a life "Sadbarg" are located Republican incorporated history-study of local lore and the fine arts ("Hundred petals of a rose" - the name is symbolical: approximately so much services it is possible to receive in this house.)

The Tourist guidebook on monuments of Dushanbe. 2012.

Alexander Petrov.