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Tamshaly canyon.

Tourism on Mangyshalk.

“Nature encourages no looseness, pardons no errors”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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The Tamshaly tract is located in the Tupkaragin district of the Mangistau region in the northern part of the Tupkaragan peninsula. The tract is located in the middle of the Tamshaly ravine, which stretches from southeast to north for a length of 10.5 kilometers.
Cape Bagarzhik is located 5.5 kilometers north of the tract. In the vicinity of the tract in the west are two ancient necropolises of Aktam and Shiaulie.Kanyon and spring Tamshaly is located in the North Central part of the Mangyshlak Peninsula 4 km on South from Cape Bagarjc.
Approximately 3 kilometers to the North from the source Tamshaly is an abandoned fishing village Karagan. 35 kilometers from the town of Fort-Shevchenko, if you drive along the coast towards the village Tauchik, in the canyon, a huge crack which extends into the interior of the Peninsula, is the source Tamshaly, which in Kazakh means "Funny drops".
Green valley covered with old weeping willows, poplars, shrubs, surrounded by smoky fawn hills. Here the lake with thickets of chii, mint, Black Berry. Water appears from under the wide, forty meters, stone platform, looming high ledge, and drops drumming on the stove marl.
The air is saturated with water vapor is deliciously fresh. Filled, like a precious bowl, the lake gives a part of its moisture to the stream. It flows and meanders between its green banks to the side of the Grand canyon, overgrown with mighty the mulberry trees, Apple trees, pear trees, bushes.
The slopes of the valley are occupied by plantation, plantations of tomatoes, eggplant. To get to the source is possible, in the canyon or moving along the cliff parallel to its steep walls made of colorful layers of rocks.
Paint burnt off in the sun has lost its brightness. Front opens to a large green spot. In the twilight grotto, lush vegetation. Of rocks water drops. Hundreds of sparkling clear glass jets, like a silver curtain, fabulous theater, ring, emitting a unique sound, merging into a mesmerizing melody.
It is cool and calm. Rare, unique place. There roams a lonely legend about the fate of beauty Meret. "She was the wife of a wealthy Turkmen Khan, wandering with their herds from one end of the Peninsula.
Husband Meret was a sick and old man. He soon died, and was built in his memory high Mazar. Now, cried the widow and got on with it. The summer was on the Peninsula hot and dry. The wind brought no coolness, and turned the grass to a dry bitter dust and takes her beyond the horizon.
Suffered people. Suffered from thirst animals. The mares and camels disappeared milk. It was impossible to water the cattle from a tiny muddy puddles that remained in place of lakes and springs.
Death is a dark wing seemed to have covered the steppe. Conceived beauty Meret to take water from saya, hiding it in the depths of their people. She decided to cut through the black rock trail, which led down to the life-giving moisture.
She found the masters and promised to pay generously for the work. Scared rich relatives Khan, Allah will punish Meret for impertinence. But the brave woman decided to cut through the rock path and to have her jewel - water to water their herds and flocks.
Let him quench the thirst of the people, then joy will come in the neighborhoods. With koumiss and shubat back the old power to men and stamina to women". Law was beautiful. Flown here the wind entangled in the reeds, rustling through the leaves.
Green on small plantations of watermelons, gaining sweetness oblong melons, tomatoes red poppies, listening to drops of Ta-a-am-a Sha-a-ly-s.

Tamshaly canyon.Tamshaly canyon.Tamshaly canyon.Tamshaly canyon.Tamshaly canyon.Tamshaly canyon.Tamshaly canyon.Tamshaly canyon.Tamshaly canyon.


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