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Theatre Akhorun.

 Excursion routes across Dushanbe.

Theatre of the young spectator "Akharon" (Translation from the Tadjik language - City of gods) at city administration of city Dushanbe. It is formed in 1990 on the basis of studio under direction of F.Kasymov. Creative group "A" was made by actors of the Tadjik state youth theatre of a name of M. Vakhidov.
The first representation of theatre - performance «The Lost Joseph again will return in Khanoan» on motives of products Abdurakhmana Djami, Djaloluddina Rumi, Farididdina Attora and Khafiz Sherozi (the author of the play and director F.Kasymov).
The subsequent statements of the theatre which has been carried out on the basis of classical products of the Tadjik and Persian literature: «Isfandiyar» and "Tsar Faridun" (on a poem «Shakhname» Abylkasyma Firdousi, 1992, 1997), «False prophet» («Dadjol», 1994), "Sheikh Sanaan" (1996), «The Legend about love» (2000).
Creative group "A" in 2002 has put performance «Zardusht» to R.Nekdina, and in 2003 at republican festival competition of professional theatres has acted with U.Shakespeare tragedy "King Lir".
Creative group "A" has developed as director's theatre. F.Kasymov as the art director of theatre, having changed the aesthetics which has developed at the Tadjik theatre, instead of style of household theatre has safely entered figurative decisions, theatrical effects.
Each time submitting spectator hearts, theatre has updated ways of scenic interpretation of classics. Alongside with S.Kasymov, K.Sabirov, K.Hamidov, H.Solehov, popularity was got also by young actors of theatre K.Mirzoev, H.Mustafoev, H.Chillaev, S.Dzhandzholov, N.Abdullaev, artist H.Pirov.
The collective of theatre with creative trips has visited in a Moscow, Iran, Uzbekistan, Belgium, Poland and France.

Authorship: Photos Gafur Shermatov, the historian.