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Tour to Apples of Kazakhstan.

 Fruit tours of Southern Kazakhstan.

«Every creature lives in a state of war by nature»

Jonathan Swift.

Some Kazakhstan biologists approve, that all grades of apples in the world have occured from apple-tree Siverca. Cultivars of an apple-tree in the world it is totaled more than 10 thousand. 
In the world all is totaled 50 kinds of an apple-tree wild, in the countries of former Soviet Union of 18 kinds, 3 kinds of a wild apple-tree are to Kazakhstan … Aport many consider a grade of apples Kazakhstan. However it is a mistake. Апорт it is known from an extreme antiquity, and to Kazakhstan it has got in the middle of XIX century together with Russian immigrants.
One of them - Egor Vasilevich Redko from Ostrogozhskogo district Voronezh province has delivered in city Vernyi, in 1865 a little саженцев apple-trees aport. Here planting stock inoculate also have received extraordinary rich and qualitative crop … since then glory Almaty (Vernyi) aport only extended.
The birth Almaty aport has imported only in 1930 with the advent of collective farms and state farms. The areas яблоневых gardens in Kazakhstan have increased, there were new unique grades.
Widely aport has been presented and in other republics USSR - to Kirghizia, Uzbekistan, in the south of Russia and Ukraine, on Northern Caucasus.
The native land aport is not established, but these are southern areas of Russia and Ukraine, therefrom in XII century aport has begun the distribution on the North and the West, then on the South and the East … the Western Europe has late started to grow up this grade of apples - in XIX century it has been delivered and to America.
Within the Soviet time of territory, apple gardens were the greatest in Kazakhstan. Now they the smallest of all CIS countries or simply are not present. All is cut down by builders of country houses and cottages.
Many apple gardens have been cut down. Began to deliver apples from China, Iran, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Short description of a route of apple round on Almaty province:

Almaty - town Kapchagay - settlement Saryozek - town Taldy-Kurgan - settlement Sarkand - settlement Pokatilovka - Almaty.

Distance of route: 1042 km
Season: from May, 1st till September, 15th.
Best time for travel: August - September.
Duration of tour: 7 days, 6 nights.

Detailed program of tour day after day from Zailiiskiy Ala-Tau up to Dzungarskiy Ala-Tau:

Apple tours around Almaty.

1 Day. Almaty - gorge Maloalmatinka (Butakovka and Kim-Asar gorges) (45 km). 
Arrival in Almaty. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation.  Rest. Overnight at the hotel. After a breakfast a sightseeing tour on town. Walk in gore Maloalmatinka (Butakovka and Kim-Asar gorges). Visit to apple woods. Returning in town. In a half of day lecture of the biologist-scientific about apple woods of Kazakhstan. Return to hotel, dinner. Overnight in hotel.
2 Days. Almaty -  Kapchgay village – Saryozek village - Taldy-Kurgan city – Sarkand village – Pokatilovka village (440 km, 8 hours).
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer: Almaty - Pokatilovka village. Lunch on the way. Walk in places where the apple trees which were much of them wild grow.  Return to Sarkand village, accommodation in the hotel, dinner. Overnight.
3 Day. Sarkand village – Lepsink village – Zhungarskiy national park (60 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Sarkand village – Zhungarskiy national park. Walk in places where the apple trees which were much of them wild grow.  All territory Lepsinsk is located in high-mountainous area on northern slopes of ridge Zhungarskiy Alatau in a zone of mountain woods. Lunch in the way. Here there is a mountain area, here it is a lot of rivers and lakes, many different grasses. Return to Lepsinsk, accommodation in the guest house, dinner. Overnight
4 Day. Lepsinsk village – Andreevka village - Sarkand village – Taldykorgan town – Saryozek village – Kapchagy village – Almaty - Koklay-Say Gorge 1650 meters above sea level (462 km, 8 hours).
Breakfast at the guest house. Transfer: Lepsinsk village – Almaty. Arrival in Almaty, transfer to Koklay-Say Gorge (24 km). On a way to settlement Andreevka visit of gardens at local residents. Lunch on the way. Arrive at the guest house, accommodation. Dinner, overnight at the guest house.
5 Day. Koklay-Say Gorge (6 km).
Breakfast. At the summer house orchard you can see 5 types of apple trees (Almaty Aport, Limonka, Stolovka, Kandil, Choke tree, Talgarka local variety). Walking to Kyrgauldy gorge 2 km for full day. On the frank of hill we will see wild apple trees. Back to summer house. Lunch. After lunch walking around summer house to see another a lot of apple trees. Back to guest house. Dinner, overnight
6 Day. Koklay-Say Gorge - Big Almaty gorge (35 km).
Breakfast. Transfer to Big Almaty gorge by the way we will visit apple trees orchard with rather apple trees and we will visit bird farm (to hawk, eagle, owl, and make excursion at this farm. T
ransfer to Big Almaty lake 2527 meters above sea level, 15 km, 1 hour).
Excursion around lake. Lunch- picnic at the lake. Transfer to Almaty, accommodation in the hotel. Farewell в dinner, overnight.
7 Day. Almaty.
Transfer to airport. Deparure from Almaty.

The toilet in the guest house is in settlement Lepsinsk outside of the house. The shower in the house is not present. In rooms of the house there are beds, accommodation for a lodging for the night in a separate room. The guest house, is the house in which there live also owners of this house.Transfer to airport, departure from Almaty.

Flowering of apple-tree Nedzveskiy.Apples of Kazakhstan.Apples aport Alexandria.Vicinities of natural boundary Koklay-Say.Apples of Kazakhstan.Apples of Kazakhstan.Sellers of apples on road Almaty - Ust Kamenogorsk. Vicinities of settlement Kabanbay Batyr.Apples of Kazakhstan.Apples of Kazakhstan.Apples of Kazakhstan.Apples of Kazakhstan.Apples of Kazakhstan.Apples of Kazakhstan.Apples of Kazakhstan.Apples of Kazakhstan.Apples of Kazakhstan.

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