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Tours Along the Silk Road of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Астана - столица Республики Казахстан. Акмолинская область.

Гостиницы Астаны. Центральный Казахстан.

Треккинги в горах Северного Тянь-Шаня. Походы и прогулки в горах Алматы.

Туры на космодром Байконур. Путешествия по Кызылординской области.

Шелковый путь Казахстана. Паломничество в Туркестан к святым местам.

Туры По Шелковому Пути Казахстана и Центральной Азии.

Map of Kazakhstan


Helpful information on Kazakhstan.

The guidebook across Kazakhstan. The Important information for the tourist in Kazakhstan.
The Republic of Kazakhstan. Checkpoint Tazhen on the kazakh-uzbek border. Mangistau region.
Shymbulak it's winter time. Formalites of the boundary permit in Kazakhstan.
Phrase book from the Kazakh, Russian, English languages. Customs Declarationin in Kazakhstan.
Lakes in Kazakhstan. Electricity, Internet, Telephone in Kazakhstan.
Highway “Western Europe – Western China”. Migrational Card of Kazakhstan.
State language of Kazakhstan. Automobile check points of motor vehicles to Kazakhstan.
Tourism in Kazakhstan. Diplomatic missions in Kazakhstan.
Spring in Kazakhstan. The obligation about return a vehicle in the preferential order.
Summer in Kazakhstan. The list of motor vehicles for customs at entrance to Kazakhstan.
Autumn in Kazakhstan. Visiting of boundary and military zones in Kazakhstan.
Winter in Kazakhstan. Almaty Shopping Tour.
Agriculture in Kazakhstan. Restaurants and night clubs.
Rivers and lakes in Kazakhstan. Police, crime, security, in Kazakhstan.
Geography of Kazakhstan. Currency in Kazakhstan.
Foreign Trade of Kazakhstan. Photography, Film and Video in Kazakhstan.
Legislature in Kazakhstan. Hunting and Fishing in Kazakhstan.
Local Government in Kazakhstan. Driving, Car Travel, Accommodation and taxis in Kazakhstan.
Way of Life in Kazakhstan. Dining, Alcohol, Toasting, Tipping, Souvenirs in Kazakhstan.
Education in Kazakhstan. Banks, Bureaux de Change, Credit Cards in Kazakhstan.
Mining in Kazakhstan. Chemists and healthcare, International SOS and insurance.
  Historical background Kazakhstan. About visit of the Charyn canyon and its vicinities.
Populatian in Kazakhstan. Checkpoint Temir baba on the kazakh-turkmen border. Mangistau.
  Where the Caravans moved along in Kazakhstan.







Services of guides and translators in Kazakhstan.

 Translation service in Kazakhstan.

Our best both most skilled guides and translators, have real and practical experience, possess special knowledge, attainments and skills of work in tourism.
Guides, work on the active and cultural routes, the keen people and of experience travellers who will organize your travel comfortable and interesting.
Guides will accompany in individual and group excursions, romantic trips, exclusive, family, extreme and adventure travel.
Meetings and accompanying service at departure to airport and transfer to hotel.

Translators carry out the services in any thematic directions:

- Simultaneous interpretation, at business negotiations, on business forums, seminars, round-table discussion,
- briefings, press conferences, presentations, exhibitions, fairs, consulting actions, oral translations.

At cost and details of services, direct your inquiries by e-mail infosra@silkadv.com or call in our office 7(727) 268 27 43: mobile: + 7 702 340 33 19
The Order of services of the guide or the translator for 5 - 7 days prior to the beginning of work.
The urgent order you can direct for 2 - 3 days, accordingly, cost of services of the guide will be will be a little above.

The professional guide: Yezhov Alexander Ivanovich.
Year of a birth - 7.02.1946
Language of support - English, Russian.
Education - higher education, Almaty pedagogical institute of foreign languages.
The Operational experience - since 1993
The Certificate on performance of services - the certificate of the guide since 2002, given out by Department of tourism, Almaty state university of name Abayi.
Places of display- excursions across Almaty and Almaty area, the cosmodrome Baikonur, all Kazakhstan. Support of individual tourists and groups of tourists.

The professional guide: Kalanov Islam Murtaza-uly.
Year of a birth - 30.06.1962
Language of support - English, Russian
Education - higher education, the Karaganda state university, The Kazakh - the American institute of business.
The Operational experience - the teacher with 1984 for 1992, the manager of sales in the foreign companies with 1993 for 2011, excursion rates in 1988.
Places of display and support - excursions across Turkestan, site of ancient settlement Otrar and Sauran, to mausoleum Arstanbab, a museum in settlement Shaulder, reserve Aksu-Zhabagly, excursion across Chimkent and areas. Support of individual tourists and groups of tourists.