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Lake Big Allo.

Tourist routes in Fany Mountains.

“Romantics have one road:
Bypassing all countries and seas,
Returning at your doorstep
To give forever anchors.
And look with otherworldly eyes,
While away the evening with a neighbor,
Listen to the forests of ancient legends,
Sing along to the tramp by the fire"

Yuri Vizbor. "Romantics". April 1957.

Mountain lakes of Tajikistan.

The flowing, dammed lake Big Allo, translated from Tajik as Uedinennoye, is located at an altitude of 3150 meters above sea level, located north of the Gissar ridge and in the eastern part of the Zeravshan ridge, between the Peshak mountains on the southern slope of the Saryob mountains, in the Fan mountains, in the river gorge Zindan (Zindon) in the Penjikent region of the Sughd region.
Lake Allo was formed as a result of an earthquake, according to some sources in 1912 or 1916, there were several colossal landslides that slipped from the southern slope of the main ridge between the peaks of Sary-shah and Chimtarga and blocked the path of the Zindan (Zindon) river, so one of the most beautiful lakes in the Fan Mountains.
Today, you can still see traces of a rock collapse, blocking the Zindon River and walled up the entrance to the gorge. The length of the lake from south to north and further to the west is 1.2 kilometers, the greatest width in the central part from the cliff-cliff to a small bay in the northern part of the lake is 443 meters.
Around the lake, giant piles and rubble of rocks, stones, sand, filtering through underground channels, the Zindon River appears on the surface only after 5 kilometers. The blockage ends and a pack trail begins, which leads to the Sarymat valley.
Huge talus descend from the slopes. The mountains are gradually turning into ruins. Below the lake there is an endless stone blockage, which formed the lake, stone blocks of colossal size amaze the imagination.
Lake Bolshoye Allo, a real miracle of nature, a recognized leader for the title - "The most beautiful lake of the Fan Mountains", is filled with icy water, unusually rich blue, stretched in a natural basin surrounded by vertical stone giants.
The water passing through the rubble of insoluble rocks acquires crystal clearness in the lake. The rate of destruction seemed insufficient, and a powerful force pushed the mountains from within, causing them to instantly shatter into pieces.
The river stopped, and a new lake was born in the mountains - Big Allo. On the shores of Bolshoi Allo, there are only rare juniper trees, thorny bushes, then a stone desert, smoothly turning into a snowy desert, then into an ice one.
Literally in front of the lake, a little lower, there is a rose garden with dense avenues of wild rose hips. Delicate pink flowers against the backdrop of the "Martian" rock landscape, framing the beautiful, blue mirror of the lake.
From the base camp at Lake Big Allo, fascinating conquests of nearby peaks begin: Maria, 4790 meters above sea level, Mirali, 5106.1 meters above sea level, Chimtarga, 5489.7 meters above sea level, Zindon, 4819.9 meters above sea level , Rock wall 4734 meters above sea level, Block 4500 meters above sea level, Moscow 5046.5 meters above sea level, Amshut 4840.1 meters above sea level.
The most interesting tourist routes lead through the Chimtarga pass to the Big Allo lake, with a radial walk to the Upper Allo lake and a long descent along the Zindon and Amshut gorge to the Sarymat river. From here you can go down and visit the exotic and picturesque mountain village of Zimtut or climb the Tavasang pass with a height of 3307 meters above sea level and go down to the Tiogly village and the sixth lake Marguzor and then make a trip along the Marguzor lakes.
Geographic coordinates of Lake Big Allo: N39 ° 12'27.18 "E68 ° 07'52.30"

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Photos by
Alexander Petrov.