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Lake Piala in Fany mountains.

Tourist routes of Alaudin lakes.

"The wind is the breath of nature"

Kozma Prutkov.

Trip from Penjikent to Alaudin lakes.

The fresh, oval, turquoise lake Piala (from Tajik - Kuli Piyola or Piyolakul which means in Russian the Bowl) is located at an altitude of 2944 meters above sea level, located in the upper part of the Chapdara River, in the western part of the Gissar ridge of the Fan Mountains, in the northern part of the tract Kaznok, 2.9 kilometers south-west of the alpine camp "Vertical", 3.6 kilometers north and slightly east of Mutnye Lake, 15.4 kilometers west of the village of Marguzor, the lake belongs to the Alaudin lakes system, from the lake flows out the Chapdara river in the Aininsky district of the Sughd region.
The drain from the lake is underground, from the southeast a large stream flows into the lake as a waterfall cascade. The length of Lake Piala from south to north is 86 meters, the greatest width in the central part is 56 meters, the area of ​​the lake is 1.9 kilometers.
Geographic coordinates of Lake Piala: N39 ° 13'34.77 "E68 ° 14'57.71"

Alexander Petrov.