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Sokolinye mountains in Buiratau park.

Nature of Buiratau park.

“And the cracks are like snakes on stones...
roots split porphyry - birch ...
Nomads approach on horseback
over rocks barely touched by corrosion.”

"Gorge". Olzhas Suleimenov.

Best places for recreation in Buiratau park.

Sokolinye mountains valley is located at an altitude of 334 to 465 meters above sea level, located 41 kilometers northeast of the Yereymentau mountains, in the eastern part between the North Kazakhstan Plain and the Kazakh hills, in the Yereymentau district in the southeast of the Akmola region.
The mountain-building process of the Sokolinye mountains valley is interesting. After the Hercynian orogenic epoch (about 200,000,000 years ago), the process of continental denudation took place for a long time, with a very weak manifestation of tectonic movements.
As a result, the former mountain systems were destroyed to the ground, and the relief turned into a peneplain, apparently with residual hills, elevations and ancient valleys. Peneplain was overlain by a considerable thickness of loose sediments.
In the Neogene era (about 25,000,000 years ago), the area was subjected to tectonic uplift, ancient deposits were washed away from the watershed areas. Somewhat later, in the Quaternary time (about 1,000,000 years ago), a repeated tectonic movement occurs, faults appear, along which individual blocks rise.
The Kylshakty, Sarybulak and Karabulak rivers appeared, which developed significant valleys for themselves. Subsequently, the blocks turned into the Kokshetau mountains. The uplift of the mountains was accompanied by the lowering of individual sections of the adjacent territory, in which the lakes Shchuchye, Ainakol, B. Chebache, Auliekol (Borovoe) were formed.
Many hills, cliffs and rocks seem to be made of giant slabs with rounded edges, resembling huge mattresses or pillows. In geology, they are called granite massifs having mattress-like structures. The weathering of granites, the destructive effect of sharp daily and annual temperature fluctuations, the chemical and technical action of water lead to the formation of numerous depressions, depressions, overhangs, through holes, etc. in the rocks.
Mount Zhaushoky is the highest elevation of 456 meters above sea level, in the tract Sokolinye Gory, it dominates the southern part of the massif. ountains Sokolinye valley is a picturesque group of granite, intricately weathered hills, covered with pine forests, having a small height, which does not exceed 500 meters above sea level.
This is a smoothed mountainous relief, which characterizes the north-eastern part of the Kazakhstan hills. The northern part of the mountain range has numerous granite remnants, which occupy an area of 4.4 square kilometers. Individual remains reach a height of 3 to 6 meters.
Among the hills, low ridges and ridges of the Sokolinye mountains valley, there are raised peaks that stand out sharply against the background of the surrounding area. The southern part of the hilly massif ends with a picturesque mountain, which has a poetic name - Zhaushoky. 3.5 kilometers northwest of Mount Zhaushoky is the Ortashoky granite massif, 450 meters above sea level.
The guard hill in the southern part of the mountain range is the highest and from its top it was good for the nomads to observe the hilly area, this justifies its name. The area of the Zhaushoky massif reaches 92452 square meters, the perimeter is 1154 meters.
At the top of the hill there are feather granite forms of rocky relief, characterized by exotic weathering of rocks. One of them is the most popular attraction, which is often used for memorable photo shoots while staying in the Buiratau park.
The area of the valley Sokolinye mountains is 347 square kilometers, the perimeter of the mountains reaches 72.63 kilometers. One of the main attractions of the Sokolinye Mountains site is the Aulie-bulak spring, the water of the spring flows among the rocks through a pine forest mixed with birch pegs, covered with rosehip and juniper bushes.
The banks of the spring are rocky with steep slopes. The mountains are attractive, first of all, by the fact that, under the influence of various natural factors, they have taken their present form.
Geographical coordinates of valley Sokolinye mountains: N51°40'23.00" E72°36'49.89"

Authority and photos by
Alexander Petrov.