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Trip to Kok-Aral dam on Aral Sea.

Tours on natural sights of Northern Aral sea.

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home” 

Anna Quindlen,

Short description of tour route to Kok-Aral dam:

Aralsk – village Aralkum - lake Kombash – village Amanotkel – village Bogen - Aklak hydrounit - village Karateren – Kok-Aral dam – village Akbasty - village Orkendeu - site of ancient settlement Zhankent – village Aiteke-Bi (Kazalinsk).

Distance of route: 439 km
Season: from May, 1st till September, 15th.
Best time for travel: May - August.
Duration tour: 4 days, 3 nights.

Detailed program day by day from Aralsk town to village Karateren:

Kayak trip in Kazakhstan.

1 Day. Aralsk - village Amanotkel - village Bogen - village Karateren (184 km.)
The beginning of excursion on Aralsk, visiting of railway station, survey of a building of station, visit of sailing vessel and monument to victims of reprisals being on the area at railway station. Visiting of city museum. Continuation of excursion on city: visiting of museum to fishermen, museum of the ships of the Aral flotilla open-air, the city area with monuments to khan Abulkhair, monument Zhibek and Tulegen, stella "Kazakhstan", walk on the area at office block akimat and visit of monuments - to the fisherman and horse Przhevalskii, avenues of heroes. Lunch in cafe "Chinson". Transfer: Aralsk - Aralkum village - lake Kombash - village Amanotkel - village Bogen (154 km). Arrival in village Bogen. Visiting of village of fishermen Bogen, visiting of beautiful local mosque, visiting of vicinities of local school constructed in 1954 which is in an environment of sandy barchans. The further crossing: village Bogen - Aklak hydrounit - village Karateren (30 km). On way stop at Aklak hydrounit on the river Syr-Daryi which has been constructed for filling lakes which are above, before dam of hydrounit and filling flood-lands the rivers water, visit of hydrounit. Arrival in village Karateren, accommodation in the house at countryman, dinner, overnight.  
2 Day. Settlement Karateren - Kook-Aral dam – settlement Akbasty - settlement Karateren (101 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: settlement Karateren - Kok-Aral dam - mountain Daut (Kok-Aral) - settlement Akbasty (100 km). On way we stop for visit the Kok-Aral of dam which has divided Small and Big Арал. Length of a dam of 13 kilometers, owing to a dam, the water level in Small Aral sea has risen up to a level of 42 meters. We shall see sluices of a dam through which blue water from Small Aral flows in Big Арал and it is lost in sand. Transfer to mountain the Kok-Aral an ascention on mountain, photographing of a panorama Small and Big Aral. Big Aral it is visible from mountain Daut. The further transfer to settlement Akbasty which is among sand Priaralye, in this settlement inhabitants are engaged in fishing and cultivation of camels. The most interesting place in Akbasty, this local cemetery which is in sand and barchans. Lunch. Returning in Karateren. On a way visit ancient mazars at which construction were used cane-mate. Arrival in Karatern, dinner and overnight in the rural guest house.
3 Day. Settlement Karateren - settlement Bogen - lake Kombash - settlement Aiteke Bi (Kazalinsk) - settlement Orkendeu (155 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: settlement Karateren - settlement Bogen - lake Kombash - settlement Aiteke Bi (Kazalinsk) - train station (155 km). Arrival in Kazalinsk, visit to train station which have been constructed in 1905, transfers to hotel, accommodation. Lunch in local cafe. Excursion on settlement, visiting of house Ganibay (XIX century), building of memorial museum Gani Muratbaev (end XIX - the beginning of XX centuries), building of towm library (former mosque Ganibay, XIX century), mosque Nogay (mosque Nuraly, XIX centuries), building of the regional house of culture it. R.Baglanova (former church, 1904). A trip on site of ancient settlement Zhankent (Yangikent) (XV century), being at settlement Orkendeu (17 km). Excursion on site of ancient settlement Zhankent. Returning in Kazalinsk, transfer to hotel, dinner and overnight.
4 Day. Kazalinsk.
Breakfast. Transfer to train station, departure from Kazalinsk. 

Distances on route «Trip to Kok-Aral dam»:

The town of Aralsk - settlement Karateren - 184 km.
Settlement Karateren - settlement Akbasty - 100 km.
Settlement Karateren - settlement Aiteke-Bi (Kazalinsk) – 145 km
Settlement Karateren - settlement Ajteke Би (Казалинск) - 155 km.
Settlement Ajteke Би (Казалинск) - settlement Orkendeu - 17 km.

Train schedule from station Kazalinsk - Almaty:

The train 24 «Aktobe - Almaty», daily, from Kazalinsk, at 8.59.
The train 377 «Mangyshlak - Almaty», daily, from Kazalinsk, at 04.58.
The train 34 «Aktobe - Almaty», daily, from Kazalinsk, at 10.08.
The train 41 «Atyrau - Almaty», daily, from Kazalinsk, at 14.41
The train 38 «Uralsk - Almaty», daily, from Kazalinsk, at 13.49.

All trains from Kazalinsk in Almaty and on other directions passing.

Notes and recommendations to "Trip to Kok-Aral dam":

1. Quantity the person in group no more than 12 person.
2. The toilet in the guest house is in settlement Karateren outside of the house. The shower bath, in the house is not present, there is a bath in which it is possible to be washed by hot water, also in the guest house in settlement Karateren to you will suggest to be placed for a lodging for the night on a floor on mattresses with furnishing. The guest house, is the house in which there live also owners of this house, you will be placed for a lodging for the night in a separate room.

Mosque Nogay in Kazalinsk (Aiteke Bi).Site of ancient settlement Zhankent.The Mosque in settlement Aiteke Bi (Kazalinsk).Mountain Daut (Kok-Aral of 161 meter above sea level.Vicinities the Kok_Aral of a dam.Settlement Karateren.

Alexander Petrov.

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