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Tour to Big and Small Aral Sea. Uzbekistan - Kazakhstan.

 Jeep tour around of Aral sea in Karakalpakstan to Kazakhstan.

«Travel to one thousand miles begins with one step»

Lao-Szy (Li Er).

The short description of the tour route from settlement Muinak to Aral Sea:

Town of Nukus - settlement Hodzheili - necropolis Mizdakhana - fortress Tyaur kala - tower Chilpyk - reserve Badai Tugai - necropolis Sultan Uvais - site of ancient settlement Toprak kala - fortress Ayaz kala - Kurgashin kala - town of Nukus - town of Kungrad - settlement Muinak (cemetery of the Lost Ships) - plateau Ustyurt - lake Sudochye - settlement Zhaslyk - settlement Kara-Kalpak - check point Karakalpakiya\Tazhen - settlement Beineu - settlement Turush - saline march Asmantai Matai - Big Aral sea - settlement Bozoi - settlement Kulandy - artesian chinks Shyganak (northwest coast Big Aral - two ships - northern coast of lake Tushchybas - the settlement Zhalanash - settlement Akespe - thermal source Akespe - northern cliff Small Aral - place of fishermen - settlement Tastubek - settlement Zhalansh - town Aralsk - settlement Aiteke Bi (Kazalinsk) - town Baikonur - memorial Korkyt ata - settlement Zhosaly - settlement Zhalagash - Kalzhan-Ahun mosque-madrasah - settlement Terenozek - town Kyzylorda - Almaty.

Distance of the route: 2 400 km.
Season: from April 15 to till Oktober, 1th.
 The best time for travel: April, May, June, September.
Duration of the tour: 12 days. 11 night.

Detailed the program day by day from settlement Beyneu to Small Ara Sea in Kazakhstan:

Tours from town Nukus to settlement Muinak. 

Day 1. Town Nukus - settlement Hodzheili - town Nukus (26 km).
Arrival in Nukus. Meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation in the hotel. Sightseeing tour on city, visiting of museum of arts by I.V.Savitskogo. In museum there are fine masterpieces of painting of artists Rafael Matevosyn and Faim Madgazin, esoteric to Aral sea and Southern Priaralye.
Transfer to settlement Hodzheili (24 km), visit of archeologic complex Mizdakhan (X - XIV c.с.), caravanserai White khanaka, visiting of the medieval mausoleums - Nazlumkhan sulu, Shamun Nabi, madrasah Khalva Erezhep.
Transfer on antique fortress Gyaur kala (II - IV c.с.) (2 km), visit and walk on fortress. Returning to Nukus, transfer to hotel. Dinner and overnight.
Day 2. Nukus - tower Chilpyk - site ancient settlement Dzhanpyk Kala - reserve Badai Tugai - necropolis Sultan Uvais - site ancient settlement Toprak kala - fortress Ayz kala (190 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Nukus - tower Chilpyk (Tower Silence) (III - VIII с.с. and X - XIV с.с.) (50 km). Arrival to tower Chilpyk, walks in vicinities of monument, rise on tower.
Transfer: tower Chilpyk - ruins of site of ancient settlement Dzhanpyk kala (I - II с.с and IX - XIV с.с.) (53 km). Arrival on site of ancient settlement Dzhanpyk kala. Walks in vicinities of site of ancient settlement, photographing of fortifications, search of archeologic artefacts in vicinities of site of ancient settlement. Near to site of ancient settlement Dzhanpyk kala there is biospheric reserve Badai Tugai, walk ot reserve. Transfer: biospheric reserve Badai Tugai - necropolis Sultan Uvais (XIII - XIV с.с.) (33 km). Arrival on necropolis Sultan Uvais (town Dead), visit of necropolis, visiting of mausoleum Sultan Uvais bobo, photographing of town Dead. Visiting of local market before necropolis Sultan Uvais. Lunch on way.
Transfer: necropolis Sultan Uvais - ancient site of ancient settlement Toprak kala (III - IV с.с. B.C.) (20 km). Arrival on site of ancient settlement Toprak kala. Walks in vicinities of ancient city on fortifications, photographing of ruins of antiquities.
Transfer: site of ancient settlement Toprak kala - yurt camp «Ayaz kala» (35 km). Arrival in yurt camp «Ayaz kala», accommodation in yurts, dinner, rest and overnight.
Day 3. Fortress Ayaz Kala - Ayaz Kala-II - Kurgashin Kala - town Nukus - town Kungrad - settlement Muinak (393 km).
Breakfast. After breakfast excursion on fortress Ayaz Kala (1 km). Arrival on fortress Ayaz Kala, walk on vicinities of ancient fortress, photographing of fortifications of ancient city. From height of fortification the panorama on second fortress Ayza Kala opens.
Transfer to fortress Ayaz Kala-II (3 km). Arrival on fortress Ayaz Kala-II, walk on vicinities of an ancient fortress, photographing of fortifications. Transfer: Fortress Ayaz Kala-II - site of ancient settlement Kyrkyz Kala (16 km). Arrival on site of ancient settlement Kyrkyz Kala, walk on vicinities of an ancient fortress, photographing of fortifications.
Transfer: site of ancient settlement Kyrkyz Kala - site of ancient settlement Kurgashin Kala(14 km). Arrival on site of ancient settlement Kurgashin Kala, walk on vicinities of ancient fortress, photographing of fortifications.
Transfer: Kurgashin Kala - town Nukus (186 km). Lunch in local cafe. Transfer: Nukus - town Kungrad - settlement Shagyrlak - settlement Muinak (207 km). Arrival in Muinak, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Visiting of local museum esoteric to Aral sea and local monument - to ship "Buinyi" Aral flotilla on pedestal at rural khakimyat.
Transfer on Cemetery of ships of the Uzbek Aral flotilla at memorable obelisk «Tragedy of Aral sea», at former coast of Aral sea. Trip to settlement Uchsai (16 km). Walk on settlement. Returning in Muinak (16 km). Dinner, rest and overnight.
Day 4. Settlement Muinak - town Kungrad - plateau Ustyurt - lake Sudoche - settlement Urga (198 km).
Breakfast. Departure from hotel at 7.30. Transfer: Muinak - settlement Shagyrly - town Kungrad - settlement Ravshan - lake Sudochye (180 km). Plateau Ustyurt are located to the West from lake Sudochye. Walk along canyons of Ustyurt, walk in vicinities of the western extremity of lake Sudochye, photographing of unique picturesque canyons and terrestrial breaks.
Transfer on cape to settlement Urga (18 km). Settlement Urga has been based in beginning of XX century. During Soviet times here sent in the reference of Old Believers, in the beginning of 50-s' years the fishing state farm with the population in some tens hundreds inhabitants here has been based. In settlement there was club, post office.
Last inhabitant has left from settlement per 1971. Now here there lives small of fishermen which by old tradition fish. Visiting of Russian cemetery on surburb of old settlement of fishermen. Overnight in tents on coast of lake Sudochye.
Day 5. Lake Sudochye - settlement Zhaslyk - Uzbek-Kazakh check point «Karakalpakiy\Tazhen» - settlement Beineu (359 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: lake Sudochye - settlement Zhaslyk - Uzbek-Kazakh check point «Karakalpakiy\Tazhen» (275 km). On way visiting of burial grounds-barrows of Sarmatian tribes and beautiful canyons of Ustyurt. Arrival on check point «Karakalpakiy\Tazhen». Passage of formalities of customs and boundary service of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
Transfer of border. Meeting with the Kazakh tour operators. Lunch in way. Transfer: check point «Tazhen» - settlement Akzhigit - settlement Beineu (84 km) road - grader. On way visit of old railway locomotives on surburb of settlement Bejneu. Arrival in Beineu, transfer to hotel, accommodation in hotel, dinner and overnight.
Day 6. Settlement Beineu - necropolis Old Beineu - ancient mosque Korkembai (50 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: settlement Beineu - necropolis Old Beineu (21 km). Necropolis Old Beineu is in the south from settlement Bijneu, it is an ancient architectural monument XVIII - XIX centuries. Walks in vicinities of necropolis.
Transfer: necropolis Old Beineu - ancient mosque Korkembai (29 km). Ancient mosque Korkembai is constructed of local stone-shell rock (XIX century). Walks in vicinities of mosque Korkembai.
Transfer: mosque Korkembai - settlement Beineu (50 km). Lunch in local cafe. After dinner visiting of a local market, grocery supermarket. Preparation of motor vehicles for transfer through desert. Dinner and overnight in hotel.
Day 7. Settlement Beineu - necropolis Turush - settlement Turush - saline march Asmantai-Matai - deposit Kzyloi - Sea Big Aral (330 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Beineu - Western Ustyurt - ancient necropolis Turush (69 km). Visiting of necropolis Turush. Transfer: necropolis Turush - saline march Asmantai-Matai (84 km). After we pass necropolis Turush in the south in 3 kilometers from our way there is also settlement Turush in which there is gas compressor station on the Turkmen-Russian gas main.
Walks in vicinities of saline march Asmantai-Matai, on the northwest party of were kept ancient necropolises. Lunch at saline march Asmantai-Matai.
Transfer: saline march Asmantai-Matai - saline march Kosnulak - Sea Big Aral (180 km). Arrival on northwest coast Big Aral, camp in vicinities of the destroyed pioneer camp.
From here up to boggy coast Big Aral about 6 kilometers. Walks in vicinities, dinner and overnight in tents.
Day 8. Big Арал - settlement Bozoi - mausoleum Karazhigit-Ata - settlement Kulandy - settlement Shyganak - cemetery of ships - lake Tuchybas (Big Aral sea) (147 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Big Арала - settlement Bozoi (40 km). Arrival in settlement Bozoi, is most southern settlement of Aktyubinsk area, near to settlement there is gas compressor station KS-10 «Average Ustyurt». The settlement was constructed by builders who have constructed here compressor station at construction of gas main of Turkmenistan to Soviet Union. Visiting of local shop in settlement.
Transfer: settlement Bozoi - mausoleum Karazhigit-Ata (58 km). On the middle of way between settlement Bozoi and settlement Kulandy there passes administrative border between Aktyubinsk and Kyzylorda areas. Visiting of mausoleum Karazhigit-Ata (2 km).
Transfer: mausoleum Karazhigit-Ata - village Kulandy (2 km). Earlier it was fishing settlement on coast of Aral sea. Here was stud-farm, from here horses transported on bacteriological range on island of "Revival" in Aral sea. In 1999 the population of village made 351 person (183 men and 168 women). According to population census of 2009, in village lived 374 persons (204 men and 170 women). Walk in vicinities of settlement. Updating of stocks of fresh water.
Transfer: settlement Kulandy - village Shyganak - artesian chink Shyganak - cemetery of ships (30 km). Lunch on the way. After settlement Kulandy our way lays to shepherds where they graze cattle, here come on watering place Asiatic wild ass which migrated from reserve Barsakelemes. Lake Tuchybas is waters of the Big Aral sea, at present the lake is filled with fresh, spring waters. On northwest protect lakes Tushchybas there are three ships of the Aral flotilla, one of them the military ship «Otto Schmidt".
Walks at the ships. After visit of the ships, transfer: cemetery of ships - memorable Stella to the Average Kazakh zhuz - northern coast of lake Tuchybas (17 km). In way visit memorable Stella Average Kazakh zhuz, ship on northern protect lakes Tuchybas. Dinner and overnight in tents in vicinities of lake Tychybas.
Day 9. Northern coast of lake Tushchybas - Kolkarashokty mountain - mouth of river Aktabai - settlement Akespe - settlement Tastubek - settlement Zhalanash - town Aralsk (257 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: northern coast of lake Tuchybas - Kolkarashoky mountain - mouth of river Aktabai - thrown settlement Zhalanash - Ustyurt - settlement Akespe (100 km). Earlier settlement Akespe stood on coast of Northern part of Aral sea here there lived fishermen.
Arrival in settlement Akespe, sand closely adjoins to houses of local residents. On a way photographing from the top point panoramas of Northern Aral sea. Acquaintance to local residents, walk on settlement. The further transfer to a thermal spring «Akespe» (2 km). The thermal spring is in two kilometers on the east from settlement. Here it is possible to be expiated in hot water which pleasantly removes weariness. Transfer: thermal spring «Akespe» - northern coast of gulf Butakova - place of fishermen Tastubek - settlement Tastubek - settlement Zhalanash (92 km).
Lunch in way. Transfer in settlement Zhalanash - town Aralsk (63 km).
Arrival in Aralsk, accommodation in the local house. Bath. Dinner and overnight in the house at local residents.
Day 10. Aralsk.
Breakfast. Start of excursion on Aralsk, visiting of railway station, visit of building of station, visit of sailing vessel and monument to victims of reprisals being on the area at railway station. Visiting of city museum. Continuation of excursion on city: visiting of museum to fishermen, museum of the ships of the Aral flotilla open-air, the city area with monuments to khan Abulkhair, monument Zhibek and Tulegen, stella "Kazakhstan", walk on area at office block akimat and visit of monuments - to the fisherman and horse Przhevalskii, avenues of heroes. Lunch in cafe "Chinson". After lunch free time, rest. Dinner in cafe "Chinson". Overnight in the house at local residents.
Day 11. Aralsk - Baikonur - Kyzylorda (450 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Aralsk - settlement Aiteke Bi (Kazalinsk) - town Baikonur - memorial Korkyt ata - settlement Zhosaly - settlement Zhalagash – Kalzhan-Akhun mosque-madrasah - settlement Terenozek - town Kyzylorda.
In way stop on road opposite to the cosmodrome Baikonur photographing on background of the center of telemetering communication "Saturn" in vicinities of cosmodrome Baikonur. In way visiting of memorial complex Korkyt-Ata. It is the architectural complex, devoted to the thinker, the philosopher, the storyteller (VII - X c.c.) to the founder of Kazakh music Korkyt-Ata.
Excursion in museum and memorial complex Korkyt ata. Lunch in settlement Zhosaly. The further transfer in Kyzylorda In a way visiting of monument of architecture of mosque-madrasah Kalzhun-Akhun (end of XIX century). In people Kalzhan-Akhun knew as the poet, the educator, the spiritual teacher. Arrival in Kyzylorda,  transfert to hotel, accommodation, dinner and overnight.
Day 12. Kyzylorda - Almaty.
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport, flight to Almaty (2 hours, 15 minutes). Arrival in Almaty, meeting at airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Lunch. Free time, visiting of gift shops, dinner. Transfer to the airport, departure from Almaty.

Distances on route «Tour to Big and Small Aral Sea. Uzbekistan - Kazakhstan»:

Nukus - necropolis Mizdakhan - 24 km.
Necropolis Mizdakhan - fortress Gyaur Kala - 2 km.
Town Nukus - Kungrad - 114 km.
Nukus - tower Chilpyk (Tower of Silence) - 50 km.
Tower Chilpyk - ruins of site of ancient settlement Dzhnpyk Kala - 53 km.
Dzhnpyk Kala - necropolis Sultan Uvais - 33 km.
Sultan Uvais (city Dead) - ancient site of ancient settlement Toprak Kla - 20 km.
Toprak Kala – yurt camp «Ayaz Kala» - 35 km.
Yurt camp «Ayaz Kala» - fortress Ayaz kala - 1 km.
Fortress Ayaz Kala - fortress Ayaz Kala-II - 3 km.
Fortress Ayaz Kala- I - site of ancient settlement Kyrkyz Kala - 16 km.
Ancient settlement Kyrkyz Kala - ancient settlement Kurgashin Kala - 14 km.
Kurgashin Kala - town Nukus - 186 km.
Town Nukus - settlement Muinak - 207 km.
Settlement Muinak - settlement Uchsai - 16 km.
Settlement Muinak - lake Sudochye - 180 km.
Lake Sudochye - settlement Urga - 18 km.
Lake Sudochye - check point «Karakalpakiy\Tazhen - 275 km.
Check point «Tazhen» - settlement Beineu - 84 km.
Settlement Beineu - necropolis Old Beineu, mosque Korkembai - 50 km.
Settlement Beineu - necropolis Turush - 69 km.
Necropolis Turush – Saline march Asmantai-Matai - 84 km.
Saline march Asmantai-Matai - sea Big Aral - 180 km.
Sea Big Aral - settlement Bozoi - 40 km.
Settlement Bozoi - mausoleum Karazhigit-Ata - 58 km.
Mausoleum Karazhigit-Ata - settlement Kulandy - 2 km.
Settlement Kulandy - cemetery of ships "Otto Schmidt" - 30 km.
Cemetery of ships "Otto Schmidt" - lake Tushchybas - 17 km.
Lake Tushchybas - settlement Akespe - 100 km.
Settlement Akespe - thermal springs «Akespe» - 2 km.
Thermal springs «Akespe» - settlement Zhalanash - 86 km.
Settlement Zhalanash - town Aralsk - 63 km.
Town Aralsk - town Kyzylorda - 450 km.

Notes and recommendations to tour «Tour to Big and Small Aral Sea. Uzbekistan - Kazakhstan»:

1.  Transfer on route on jeeps Toyota, Nissan Patrol. Motor vehicles UAZ "Made in Russia", it is used for transportation of luggage, equipment and cargoes. On route there will be high heat, cretaceous dust, residing, partially in field conditions of desert.
2. Optimum quantity of tourists for tour no more than 12 person.
3. Toilets on the nature.
4. Recommended equipment of the tourist - sleeping bag, karemat (sleeping rug), small lamp. Recommended clothes and footwear: running shoes with rigid sole, mountain boots, cap, sunglasses.
5. Accommodation in tents - on 2 persons. For an additional payment probably accommodation in single tent.
6. Seasonal prevalence of round - the beginning of May - first half of June, second half of August - first half of September.

The note:
The author program is Alexander Petrov. Copying and use of material - from the sanction of authors - petrovsra@mail.ru

Photos from Panoramio Google Map are used:
 Krystyna H, Octyabr Dospanov, Alexander Petrov.