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Tour from Bishkek to Son-Kol lake.

Group tour from Son-Kol lake to caravanserai Tash-Rabat.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving” 

 Lao Tzu.

Short description of route of tour from town of Uzgen to town of Osh:

Bishkek – Boom gorge – town of Balykchi – town of Cholpon-Ata – town of Karakol – Orto-Tokoy reservoir – settlement of Kochkorka – Kalmak-Ashuu pass of 3446 meters above sea level – lake Son-Kol - Susamyr valley – Toktogul Reservoir - town of Karakul - town of Uzgen - town of Osh. 

Distance of route: 1 595 km.
Season: From June, 1th till October, 1st.
Best time for travel: July - September.
Duration of tour: 9 days, 8 nights.

Detailed tour day by day across Kyrgyzstan:

Popular destinations  in Kyrgyzstan.

Day 1. Bishkek (30 km).
Arrival in the town of Bishkek, meeting at airport "Manas", transfer to hotel, accommodation to hotel, rest. Breakfast. After breakfast excursion on town, visiting of the main area of the country - Ala-Too. It is Ala-Too in translation from the Kirghiz language means «Snow mountains», symbolizes the nature of the country which two thirds make mountains. The area "Ala-Too" - the most popular place in city where are spent national open air celebrations, holidays, meetings and other actions.
In the center of the area the 10-meter bronze sculptural monument to the hero of national epos Manas, monument to the Kirghiz writer Chingizu Aitmatov and black-and-white monument in memory of events 2002 and 2010 towers. On the area flutters 45 meter flag of Kyrgyzstan. Visiting State museum of History of Kyrgyzstan, Nikolskii churches, mosaic monument «Friendship of people» established in 1964, visiting of monument of Great Domestic war on the area the "Victory", established in 1985, by 40-th anniversary of victory over the Second world war.
Visiting of the Osh market, visiting of museum of Michael Frunze. Lunch at local restaurant. After lunch the trip to gorge Is Ala-Archa (38 km). Walk in vicinities of natural park Is Ala-Archa. Returning to Bishkek. dinner and overnight.
Day 2. Bishkek - an architectural complex Tower Burana - gorge Boom - town of Balykchi - town of Cholpon-Ata - settlement Bulan-Sogotu (273 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Bishkek - settlement Tokmok - architectural complex Tower Burana (72 km). On site from Bishkek up to city of settlement Bulan-Sogotu in greater settlements there are gasoline stations. Arrival on an architectural and historical complex the Tower of Burana, excursion in museum of complex, walk on museum open-air where are plenty balbals, rise on tower of Burana, panorama of vicinities of an architectural complex.
The further transfer: Tower of Burana - town of Balykchi - lake Issyk Kul - settlement Bulan-Sogotu (201 km). Arrival in settlement Bulan-Sogotu, transfer to hotel "Issyk Kul", accommodation in hotel. Foot walk to northern coast of lake Issyk Kul, returning in hotel, overnight.
Day 3. Bulan-Sogotu - town of Karakol (120 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Bulan-Sogotu - settlement Zhanaryk - quay Przhevalsk (108 km). On site from settlement Bulan-Sogotu up to the town of Karakol in greater settlements there are gasoline stations. Arrival in museum Przhevalskii, visiting of museum Przhevalskii. The museum is in 12 kilometers on the north from the town of Karakol, here we examine tomb, monument to the great traveller of XIX century Nikolay Przhevalskii.
The further transfer: museum Przhevalskii - town of Karakol (12 km). Arrival in Karakol, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Excursion on city, visiting Dungan of mosque, Troisk wooden church, visiting of local market. Overnight.
Day 4. Karakol - settlement Tamga - Orto-Tokoi water basin - settlement Kochkorka - pass Kalmak-Ashuu of 3446 meters above sea level - lake Son-Kol of 3106 meters above sea level (414 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Karakol - southern coast of lake Issyk Kul - settlement Kochkorka (284 km). The settlement Ottuk will be the last at southern coast of lake Issyk Kul, thus we see all southern part of lake Issyk Kul extent hardly more than 200 kilometers. After we pass lake Issyk Kul ahead of us large water basin Issyk-Kul of hollow - Orto-Tokoi expects.
On site from town of Karakol up to settlement Kochkorka in greater settlements there are gasoline stations. Arrival in settlement Kochkora, visiting of craft workshop in settlement, walk on local market.
Further transfer: Kochkorka - pass Kalmak-Ashuu of 3446 meters above sea level - lake Son-Kol of 3106 meters above sea level (130 km). Arrival on lake Song-Kul, accommodation in yurst camp, overnight.
Day 5. Lake Son-Kol.
Breakfast. High-mountainous jailoo in vicinities of lake Son-Kol for the Kirghiz shepherd the best. Here for the summer drive the herds of horses, herds cattle and flocks of sheeps many shepherds Naryn of area. Foot walk on coast of high-mountainous lake, trip to stones Manas (Tash-Tulgasy), visiting yurts the Kirghiz shepherds, acquaintance to nomadic life of the Kirghiz shepherds.
Lunch. In second half of day walk on horses in vicinity of mountains towering above lake Song-Kul, photographing of panorama on lake. Returning in yurts camp. Dinner and overnight.  
Day 6. Lake Son-Kol - settlement Chaek - Susamyr valley - Toktogul water basin - town Karakul (470 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Son-Kol - Toktogul water basin - town Karakul (284 km). After settlement Susamyr our way goes in Susamyr valley which is extended in latitudinal direction from the West on the east and there is between northern spurs of ridge Kirghiz Ala-Too and southern spurs of ridge Talass Ala Too.
Susamyr valley also serves as good place for years pasturege cattle which is driven on high-mountainous jailoo by local shepherds. These are hundreds hectares of the Alpine meadows with various vegetation and juicy pastures. The most important employment of local residents leading nomadic way of life in years months in Susamyr to valley - own preparation from horse milk: koumiss, kurt (dried cottage cheese) and airan (kefir).
After Susamyr valleys we pass huge Toktogul water basin which serves as stocks of fresh water and power resources in the south Kyrgyzstan. On site from lake the Song-Kul up to town Karakul fur in greater settlements is gasoline stations. Arrival in town Karakul, transfer to hotel, accommodation, overnightl.
Day 7. Town of Karakul - town of Uzgen - town of Osh (284 km).    
Breakfast. After town Karakul fur our way lays on southeast lengthways Kurpsai water basins on which is under construction Kurpsai Hydroelectric Power Station, we pass the big settlement powermans Tash-Kumyr on the south from which the road on lake Sary-Chelek lays.
After settlement Tash-kumyr following historical sight - town of Uzgen, one of the oldest cities of the south of Kyrgyzstan numbering more than two thousand-year history. On site from town Karakul fur up to the town of Osh in greater settlements is gasoline stations. Arrival in the town of Osh, transfer to hotel, accommodation, overnight.
Day 8. Town of Osh.
Breakfast. Excursion on the town of Osh, visiting: unique natural-historical the sight of Kyrgyzstan, which survey includes mountains Suleiman-Too: Osh settlement of an epoch of bronze, to this settlement about 3 thousand years, about it archeological finds testify. Visiting of cave complex. Expositions of cave complex are devoted to religious traditions since ancient times: buddhism, shamanism, christianity and an islam.
Visiting of archeological-cultural monuments in vicinities of mountain Sulaiman-Too, at first top Sulaiman-Too is unique single-chamber mosque of the Fergana architecturally-building school XVI - XVII c.с., the mosque of prophet Suleimana (Solomon), mosque is located at height more than 150 meters on a sea level. Visiting of historical museum «Great Silk way», premise of museum shares on two halls. In the first hall an exposition, devoted to flora and fauna of Kyrgyzstan.
In the second hall the exposition is devoted to history of Kyrgyzstan, since the most ancient times till now. Visiting of mausoleum Asaf Ibn Burkhiay of XVIII century which is in historical city centre Osh, near to the museum complex Sulaiman-Too located at mountain Sulaiman-Too. Visiting madrasah Alymbeka Paravanchi Datka, madrasah Mukhamedboi Turki Hal Muratbaeva these madrasah are unique samples of the Fergana architecturally-building school.
After lunch continuation of excursion on town, visiting of mosque Sadykbay, mosques Shakhid-Tepa, mosque Ravvat Abdullakhana of XVIII century, medieval bath. Visiting located in the central square of town, unique monument in the town of Osh - Russian orthodox architecture of the beginning of XX century - Mikhail-Arkhangelsk church. Visiting of the Osh market. Sightseeing tour on city. Returning in hotel, dinner in eating house, overnight.
Day 9. Osh - check point «Dustuk» (4 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: town of Osh - check point «Dostuk» (4 km). At once behind city stop on the Kirghiz check point «Dustuk», passage of formalities of boundary and customs service of Kyrgyzstan. The Kirghiz check point is followed with the Uzbek check point "Dustlik», passage of formalities of boundary and customs service of Uzbekistan. Transfer to Uzbekistan.

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