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Tour to Chilik river, lake Kolsay.

Travel Kolsay lake in Kazakhstan.

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Geographical location Northern Tien-Shan and Zailiski Alatau ridge. Northern Tien-Shan stretches from west to east for 400 km. It is divided into two ranges – Zailiski Alatau (“the first range behind Ili river”) and Kungei Alatau (“bright snowy mountains faced to the sun”).
Zailiski Alatau is 280 km long and up to 60 km wide. Its northern slopes belong to South-Eastern part of Kazakhstan. Kungei Alatau (275 km long and up to 31 km wide) is situated completely in Kyrgyzstan.
The highest point of Kungey Alatau is Chaktal peak 4771 meters above sea level and of Zailiski Alatau - Talgar peak 5017 meters above sea level.All this mountain system belongs to Chiliko-Keminski mountain junction.
The highest part of the ridge is situated between Kastek 2825 meters above sea level in the west and Amanjol 3510 meters above sea level passes in the east. It is about 180 km long.  The biggest glaciers: Korzhenevskogo, Bogatyr, Shokalskogo, Tuyk-Su, Djangaryk.

The brief description of a route of an rafting on the river Chilik, walks on horses on lake Kolsay and walks on lake Kaindy in Zailiiskiy and Kungey Ala Tau:

Almaty - Bartogay reservoir - canyons Chatyn - settlement Zhalanash - settlement Saty - lake Kolsay - lake Koyandy - Almaty.

Distance of route: 779 km.
Seasonality: from May, 25th till September, 15th.
The Best time for travel: June - August.
The size of group: no more than 8 person.
Duration: 3 days and 2 nights.

The detailed program of tour day by day in mountains Semirechye:

Tourist travel Kazahstan.

Day 1. Almaty -  lake Kolsay - I (457 km).
Arrival in Almaty, meeting at the airport. Transfer to hotel, accommodation. Rest. A breakfast. Transfer: Almaty - Bartogay a water basin (220 km, 3 hours). Preparation for an rafting on Bartogay to a canyon. An rafting on the river Chilik in Bartogay a canyon.
The termination of an rafting on right I protect the rivers in a garden in a place of the termination of a canyon and near to settlement Malybay (54 km). A lunch. Transfer to canyons Charyn through gorge Kokpek (74 km). Walk in a canyon on the Glade of Apex Stone at the river Charyn. Returning to a place of descent.
Transfer: canyons Charyn - lake Kolsay - I (109 km). Arrival in the guest house at lake Kolsay - I, accommodation, dinner and overnight.
Day 2. Lake Kolsay - I - lake Kolsay - II (9 km + 9 km = 18 km).
Breakfast. Today we shall make foot walk on lake Kolsay - II which is at height of 2252 meters above sea level. This lake is located in nine kilometers from lake Kolsay - I. The track passes on the left coast of lake from a track magnificent kinds on lakes Kolsay and neighboring mountains open.
The fish lives in lake Kolsay - I - a royal trout. From the south the river Kolsay, lake runs into lake Kolsay more than two kilometers in length, depth of lake up to 80 meters. The most beautiful lake Kolsay - II is in an environment of high mountains, from the southern party of lake the river Kolsay follows. A lunch on lake Kolsay - II. Returning to lake Kolsay - I, dinner and overnight.  
Day 3. Lake Kolsay - I - lake Kaindy of 1887 meters above sea level (304 km).
Breakfast. A trip on lake Kaindy (21 km). This one of beautiful lakes Northern Tien-Shan in which there are trunks Tien-Shan fur-trees, the lake is in an environment high Tien-Shan fur-trees. Walk in vicinities of lake Kaindy, descent to lake, walk in a mouth of the river Kaindy. A lunch. Transfer to Almaty (283 km).

The note:
1. The rafting on Bartogay to a canyon has 3 category of complexity with elements of 4-th category of complexity at the flow of water 80 cube second. Extent of an rafting of 22 km, duration of an rafting 1.5 hours without stops on the river.
2. Walk on horses to lake Kolsay - II demands from the tourist of physical preparation and small skill of walks on horses.

The Kind on Bartogay reservoir.At the beginning of an rafting in Bartogay a canyon at the river Chilik.The rafting on the river Chilik. Bartogay a canyon.The lunch after an tafting on the river Chilik. Bartogay a canyon.The River and canyon CharynThe Glade of Locks in canyon Charyn.Lake Kolsay - I. A kind from the guest house «Kolsay». Lake Kolsay - I. A kind from a natural dam of lake.Lake Kolsay-II. A kind from from a dam of lake.Lake Kolsaj-II. A kind from a dam of lake.Lake Kaindy.Lake Kaindy.

The note:
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