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Dabyl - dauylpaz.

Kazakhstan People culture and arts.

Percussion instruments were used to transmit signals. Their sounds announced events such as a forthcoming hunt, the moving of the settlement and religious rituals to the inhabitants of an aul (village). They were used during hunting and also at war. 
Dabyl is a percussion instrument, the rim with a handle covered from both sides with leather. Usually the warriors were using dabyl (during the attack). It was the instrument with a very strong and loud sound, which served for making signals.
In ancient times percussion instruments (dabyl, dauylpaz and shyndauyl) were widely used in the life of Kazakhs. Loud sounds of percussion instruments were calling the aul residents for hunting, for conducting religious rituals; and they were also informing about the forthcoming migration. 
When the belligerent parties exchanged instruments it signified a cease-fire. The dabyl is a rim covered with leather on both sides. It is often mentioned in epics.
The dangyra is covered with skin on one side with metal ringers inside. It is kindred to the Siberia shamans' tambourines and was used by Kazakh shamans. Kepshik is just like the dangyra but without any metal ringers. It was used in private life for rhythmical accompaniment of song and dance.
Dauylpaz and shandauyl are ancient musical instruments. Their cauldron-shaped body is covered with leather on the open end. The difference between the two instruments is that the dauylpaz is wooden, while the shandauyl is metallic.
Both instruments were used to producing signals during hunting and at war. Nowadays, the dauylpaz is used in orchestras.Dabyl.

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