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Sybyzgy, saz syniai, tastauyk.

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Tongued with single tongue (reed-type) - kamys syrnai, kos syrnai. Mouthpiece - muiz syrnai, uran, bugyshak, kernei Saz syrnai. Uskirik. Tastauyk. 'Syrnai' is a common name for wind instruments in Kazakh.
The additional words cany information about the constituent material and design of the instrument. Saz syrnai - an ocarina-type flute is made of fired clay. Uskirik and tastauyk ('tas' – tone, 'tauyk' - a bird in Kazakh) are similarly made.
These arc children's instruments used to imitate the voices of birds and animals in addition to playing simple tunes. Improved types are very popular nowadays due to their fascinating mild timbre and used to provide a kind of colouring to the modern ensemble music.
Kamys syrnai is a reed flute while the kos syrnai consists of two reed pipes. These shepherd's instruments were used to play simple folk melodies within a limited range which varied when played repeatedly.
Muiz syrnai. Uran. Kernei. Those three instruments were used to give signals during military exercises. Muiz syrnai is made of horn. The kernei is a wooden pipe wrapped in a membrane usually the intestines of an animal.
The Bugyshak is played during hunting to decoy female marals.The Kazakh national musical collective.Saz syrnai.