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Главная » Madrasahs Ichan-kala in Khiva. Historical and architectural monuments of Uzbekistan.

Muhammad Amin Inak Madrasah.

Monuments of history and culture of Khiva.

“May I serve heaven badly,
Let my sins burden weights
I rely on the mercy of the One, for
Hatching never duped himself! ”

Omar Khayyam.

Fam trip in Khiva.

Madrasah built in 1785 by Muhammad Amin Inak who put the beginning of ancestry of Khans of Qunghrat. According to the legends in one of the rooms of the madrassah there is burial place of Mohammed Amin Inak himself or his younger son Qutlugh Murad Khan (Infant).
In 1935 some monuments in Khiva came to  ruins and according to the story of veteran who worked at that time on the restoration of the monuments two graves were found inside the madrasah.
The corpses found in the tombs were well preserved except for of the shrouds they were wrapped into the animal skins. In the madrassah there are more than twenty hujras and the front elevation consist of a high portal without ornaments.
From two sides behind the portal there are stairs laid out with square burnt bricks, overlooking the roof of the madrassah. Opposite to this madrassah in 1799 there was built  Fazylbiy madrassah facing by its front elevation to the madrassah Muhammad Amin Inak, amounting together with it a type of Qosh-madrassah (double madrassah) typical in the East. (Fazylby during the reign of Muhammad Amin Inak served as Amir al Umara - the commander-in-chief of the troops of Khiva Khanate, his annual salary equaled to 500 tilla - gold coins).
The building of the madrassah was demolished in 1945 - 1955. Madrassah Muhammad Amin Inak was renovated in the late 1980s, its interior after overlapping the courtyard with adaptation under the Marriage House of townspeople of Khiva was colorfully decorated with ganch patterns.
Interior view of the building is magnificent and unique.