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Theatre Mayakovsky in Dushanbe.

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“I want to be understood by my native country,
but I won't understand
By home country
        I will pass by
how is it going
        slanting rain."

Vladimir Mayakovsky. 1925

Tajikistan and the New Silk Road.

The Vladimir Mayakovsky Theater is located on the east side of Rudaki Avenue and on the north side of the Rohat teahouse in Dushanbe. State Russian Drama Theater named after V.V. Mayakovsky, founded in November 1937, became the first professional Russian theater in Tajikistan.
The theater opened its first season with the performance "Earth" by N. Virta. The troupe consisted of 30 pupils of the Moscow theater studio, led by A. Dikiy. In 1938, the theater team in Moscow, under the guidance of former mentors of the studio, prominent figures in theatrical art, People's Artists of the USSR V.O. Toporkov and M.M. Yanshin was prepared to stage the play "Wolves and Sheep" by A. Ostrovsky and "Fracture" by B. Lavrenev, which were warmly received by the Moscow audience.
During the Great Patriotic War, the theater did not stop its work. On the stage of the State Russian Drama Theater. V. Mayakovsky were performances, evacuated from Moscow to Dushanbe theater of the Red Army.
In the 1980s, plays by Russian and foreign classics occupied a special place in the theater's repertoire: "Three Sisters" by A. Chekhov, "Profitable Place" by A. Ostrovsky, "Tartuffe" by Molière, "Death of the Squadron" by Korneichuk.
The theater repeatedly went on tour to the CIS countries, and in 1990 made a creative trip to Syria. Today, the theater's repertoire includes works of world classical and modern dramaturgy. The total number of productions is about 400.
Among the authors are the names of I. Babel, S. Mikhalkov, K. Goldoni, N. Machiavelli, A.S. Pushkin and modern playwrights of Tajikistan.
On June 23, 2016, the demolition of the Russian Drama Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky began in Dushanbe. The building was built in 1929. The authorities of the city of Dushanbe have decided to demolish the building of the Russian Drama Theater named after Mayakovsky, located on Rudaki Avenue in the center of the capital of Tajikistan.
This decision caused a wide public outcry, the activists made several open appeals to the authorities and the president with a request to preserve this historical building for Tajikistan. After all, it was here that the Tajik SSR was proclaimed in 1929.
The well-known playwright Yevgeny Schwartz lived and worked in this building during the Great Patriotic War. The Ministry of Culture claims that the drama theater building consists of one floor and has only 300 seats, and this "does not correspond to the parameters of a modern theater."
Therefore, a decision was made to move the Mayakovsky Theater to the building of the cinema "Tajikistan", which has 500 seats.
Geographical coordinates of Drama Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky: N38°34'53.90" E68°47'13.70"

1929. In a picture the House dekhanin in which Extreme congress of advice Tadjik SSR on October, 19th, 1929 took place, accepted the decision about renaming the city of Djushambe in Stalinabad. In total two days prior to this event Tadjik ASSR it has been transformed to the Tadjik Soviet Socialist Republic and was a part of the USSR. Architect Peter Vaulin.


In a material photos from Central state archive RT and personal photos Ghafur Shermatov of the historian are used.