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Museum Gafurov.

 Visiting museums of Tajikistan.

Republican museum of the academician Gafurov - is devoted to a life and activity of the visible statesman and scientific Tadjik people - academician Bobodzhan Gafurov.
The museum is created and issued at a level of the International standard and opened in 1998 before the 90 anniversary of anniversary of the academician Bobodzhan Gafurov. The museum is located: 735690 in town Gafurov, Sogd of province, area Bobodzhangafurov, street of Communism, 1. Tajikistan.
The museum is based under the governmental order of Republic Tajikistan, has the republican status. The first museum based by the Government of independent Republic Tajikistan. Is in constructed for it in 1996 - 1998.
A two-storeyed building in the central part - B.G.Gafurov native land. The first brick in the basis of a museum Would be incorporated in 1987 before the 80 anniversary from the date of a birth Bobodzhan Gafurov.
After long preservation (1988 - 1996) construction of a museum has been completed in 1996. Exhibits, archival documents, photographic materials, scientific heritage of the academician Bobodzhan Gafurov are placed in three halls:
The first hall - « olemn - the Presidential hal», Would narrate about a birth of the fundamental book Bobodzhan Gafurov «Tadjiks».
The second hall - «Biography Bobodzhan Gafurov».
The third hall - «The Contribution of the academician Bobodzhan Gafurov in development historical and east sciences». The final part of a hall, is devoted to modern Tajikistan.
The operating study of academician Bobodzhana Gafurova is created. Collections of a museum total about ten thousand subjects. Its basis is made with printed editions, documents and photos, newspaper fund, souvenirs.
According to the Governmental order funds of a museum were formed by the various ministries and the departments of the Republic which have given printed editions, archival materials and personal things of academician B.G.Gafurov.
Now there is an active updating funds of a museum due to receipt to it of private libraries of known scientists and art workers of Tajikistan. Expositions of a museum are located on the second floor of a building in two showrooms by a total area nearby 250 square meters.
The m also represent two thematic has undressed «The Life and activity of academician B.G.Gafurov». B.G.Gafurova's contribution to development of a historical science to Tajikistan.
Museum label in the Tadjik and Russian languages. 
The museum is opened for visiting daily from 8.00 till
 The Break for a dinner from 12.00 till
 On Saturday and Sunday a museum the Input paid is opened from 9.00 till.

Building of the Republican museum of the academician B. Gafurov.Smart hall of a museum with wall a list.Carpet «The Father and mother B.G.Gafurov».B.G.Gafurov memorial cabinet on an exposition of a museum. Exposition «Independent Tajikistan».

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