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Geoglyphs on Mangyshlak.

"A secret the word will not be.
There is a secret of two, but three have no secret,
And the mystery of four is known to all"

Firdous Abulkasim.

Geolgifs on Mangyshlak are in mountains Ayrakty-Shomanay. On Ayrakty mountain there are these unique these geoglyphs. From height of bird's flight the surprising view and a panorama of these drawings of antiquity opens.
Sacred аrgali. The size is 150 x 110 m. This drawing is copied from a wall of the mausoleum of the XVIII century of a necropolis Beltoran. Argali in a Mangyshlak and Ustyurt area is called as the Ustyurt mouflon.
At Kazakhs and the Turkmen is an animal it is considered sacred, was created by Allah one of the first. Argali the purest animal - lives in pure places, drinks spring water, breathes clean air, has a clean skin.
Worship of horns of an arkhar is connected with a fertility cult. Horns of an argali, are an important element of an Asian ornament. Images of argali one of favourite subjects of graphic art of Mangystau.
Centaur of steppes. The size is 330 x 280 m. The copy of the drawing from a wall of the mausoleum of the XVI-XVII century of century of a necropolis of Kentty-baba. This image became a prototype for creation of a logo of Mangystau Region.
Solar camel. The size is 270 x 350 meters. The copy of the image not a stone in the valley Ayrakty-Shomanay of the 20th century of a necropolis Kalipang. The camel is the main symbol of nomads of Mangystau. The image of a camel was an emblem of the musical competition "Jahan Gave". 
At Kazakh shanyrak in great respect. It is a symbol of the house, a home, reproduction. Its image is present at the coat of arms of Kazakhstan. Shanyrak was a family relic, passed from father to son. The solar symbolics is its basis.
Ancestor palm. The size is 150 x 160 m. It is the drawing on a portal arch of the rocky mosque of Shakpak-at. Images of the opened palm are known even in ancient art. In the Islamic countries Fatima's hand is a symbol of five religious bases - beliefs, prayers, a post, mercy and a pilgrimage. 
In the Turkmen ethnography this sign is known as a pre-Islamic symbol of power exchange with subject to worship.
Cosmogonic deity. The size is 415 x 170 m. The image from a kulpytas of the 19th century of a necropolis of Karagashty-auliye. The interpretation of this image obviously has roots in mythology about creation of the Universe and the first person from space egg.

Sacred argali. Sacred argali. Solar camel. Solar camel. Ancestor palm. Centaur of steppes.

Cosmogonic deity.

Authority and photos
Andrey Astafyev, Aktau.