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Nazarbayev center.

Nazarbayev center was formed by the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan from January 23, 2012 with the aim of researching and popularization of the History of Kazakhstan, preservation of the historical legacy.
In March 2012 “Nazarbayev center" is reorganized by means of joining of the former Presidential center of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The building of Nazarbayev center is one of the most beautiful sights of Astana.
The museum is located in a large, round, five-floor building from which four rays are forwarded to cardinal directions. The construction combines features of the traditional culture of the Kazakh nation and modern trends.
The total area of Nazarbayev center is 20315,0 sq.m. The building of the museum is crowned by the blue dome, towering above ground at 38,5 meters. The exposition of the museum of Nazarbayev Center consists of 143 thousand objects, belonging to archeology, ethnography, history, culture and arts.
The fund of the museum has three sections: “Independent Kazakhstan and its founder - the first President Nursultan Nazarbayev"; the fund of archeology; the fund of written sources and information.
In the part of archeology the collection “the Gold of Berel", which is dedicated to the opening of the mound at the village Berel in 1998, is presented. Unique artifacts and domestic objects belonging to the epoch of the first nomads (IV - III cc. BC) are kept in primitive appearance thanks to everlasting frigidity. In practice of archeologists such findings are rareness. The exponents reflecting the way of life of Kazakh people – yurt, furniture, dishes, clothes, decorations and many other things are demonstrated in the ethnographic collection.
The most colourful and valuable exponent is the headdress of bride – saukele, made in the beginning of XIX c. Visitors are also interested in the private collection of musical instruments of B. Sarybayev which consists of 315 exponents.
Each of them has their unrepeatable specifics. Clay, cane, wood, bones, string and horse tail served as materials for these instruments. Important documents and enactments of independent Kazakhstan, state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the materials reflecting Nursultan Nazarbayev performance are kept in the fund dedicated to the first President and Independent Kazakhstan.
The collection of gifts presented to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the leaders of states and governments of near and far abroad is exposed in halls. The fund of the library of Nazarbayev center has more than 619 thousand units.
Valuable sources on the History of Kazakhstan, a big fund of social and scientific literature are presented there. The library implements access of users to the electronic base of data of home and foreign informational resources.
The most valuable part of the book fund is the collection of rare editions of the end of XVII and beginning of XX century, numbering more than 3000 copies. In 2013 the new hall “The mound of Saks leader" was opened.
Evidences of the life of Saks tribes inhabited Kazakh Altay at the end of I millennium B.C. are presented here. The exponents of the hall are gifted during the excavations of Berel mound.
Sarcophaguses of men and women, bones of three horses, reconstruction of grand decoration of horses are demonstrated there as well. There are total 40 unique objects. Restoration work belongs to the artist Krym Altynbekov.
The famous restorer earlier re-created the great monuments of Sak culture – “Golden man".
Address: Astana city Republic av., 2. Telephone: +7(7172) 443 265