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Lake Karasor.

Trips around lakes of Karaganda region.

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Sights of lakes of Karaganda region.

Karasor (Tazdykol) - the salty drainless lake in the northeast of the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan. The ancient salty lake Karasor is located in 60 km from Karkaralinsk. The lake has the area, approximately in 154 kilometers square and the maximum depth of 5 meters.
The lake is in the extensive lowland. The lake Karasor has the area about 250 square kilometers. The lake is rich with fish. Content of salts in Karasor waters exceeds the content of salts in sea water. On its coast there are therapeutic muds.
bout ten small small rivers bring the waters to the lake Karasor. The soil around the lake clay, with a hydrogen sulfide smell. Coast of the lake low and clay. A source of replenishment of water-supplies in the lake is the thawing snow.
Several small rivers which dry up in the summer flow into Karasor. The lake freezes at the end of November and thaws at the end of April or in May. From this lake the most valuable therapeutic silt mud is extracted.
Therapeutic mud contains a large amount of biologically active agents, salts, minerals. Effects of therapeutic mud are the cornerstone thermal, chemical and mechanical effects. The lake is rich with fish. Salt content in the water of Karasor exceeds the salt content in seawater.
On its banks there is curative mud. Around ten small rivers bring their waters to Karasor Lake.

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