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Chatkal river.

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Chatkal - the mountain river in Uzbekistan and in Kyrgyzstan. Before filling of the Charvak reservoir Chatkal was the left inflow of the river Chirchiq. Chatkal, main the rivers Chirchiq, begins on a joint of the Talas and Chatkal ridges and in an upper course passes across the wide ancient glacial valley.
Having accepted large inflow Sandalash on the right, Chatkal becomes abounding in water, and after a confluence at the left of the river Ters flows in the tesnena and at Brichmulla kishlak pours in the waters in the Charvaksky reservoir. In headwaters Chatkal carries the name of Karakulzha.
Chatkal River length - 217 kilometers. Area of a river basin Chatkal 7110 kilometers square. The river Chatkal originates on southwest spurs of the ridge the Talas Alatau. Chatkal flows on the West between Sandalashsky and Koksuysky ridges in the north and the Chatkal Range in the south. In the top Chatkal Current proceeds in the wide, ancient glacial valley with steep slopes.
Lower than a confluence with the river Chatkal of inflow, the river Ters, the river Chatkal flows in the deep gorge. River banks Chatkal form terraces 7 - 10 meters high. The river often breaks into small canals. Having accepted on the right large inflow - the river Sandalash, Chatkal becomes abounding in water.
By the beginning of the first canyon the river is going to one course. Length of a canyon is 2.5 - 3.0 km. After small expansion of the valley the 2nd ten-kilometer canyon follows. Through 3 km the third, most picturesque canyon of Chatkal, 4 km long begins.
The fourth canyon is expressed poorly. Below on the site 28 kilometers long the main obstacles of Chatkal are located. The site comes to an end with the fifth 20 kilometer canyon. At the end of the 5th canyon, at the settlement Brich-Mullah, Chatkal falls into the Charvak reservoir.
Along the river the deciduous woods settle down, on average the Chatkal Current on slopes the crab, a cherry plum, a hawthorn, walnut grows Arch. Food is mainly snow.
Inflows of the Chatkal River.
The largest inflows of Chatkal are at the left: Терс (8,1% of the pool) and Akbulak (11,9% of the pool); on the right: Sandalash (16,8% of the pool) and to Cox (5,9% of the pool).
Average consumption of water near the mouth of 72,6 m ³ / sec., the maximum 180 meters per second. In the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan Chatkal to accept the following inflows (in the direction from a source to the mouth):
- Akbulak - on border of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan (at the left);
- Kazanksay (on the right);
- Khudoidodsay (on the right);
- Chukraksu (on the right);
- Paltau (on the right);
- Yangikurgansay - from the middle of spring until the end of fall falls into the Charvak reservoir (at the left);
- To coke - from the middle of spring until the end of fall falls into the Charvak reservoir (on the right).