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Glacier Abay. Dzungarsky Ala-Tau.

Backcountry skiing in Kazakhstan.

“Nature encourages no looseness, pardons no errors”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Health tourism in Kazakhstan.

The glacier of Abay is on a northern slope of the ridge the Dzungarsky Ala-Tau in riverheads Baskan who is inflow of the river Lepsy. The area of a glacier of Abay makes 13.2 kilometers square, length of 10,9 kilometers, area of an ablyation of 5 kilometers square.
The volume of ice makes 1.1 kilometer of cubic. The snow line of a glacier of Abay passes at the height of 3620 meters above sea level, the lower part of a glacier is at the height of 3030 meters above sea level. The crest of a glacier more than 10 kilometers long with tops of Abay, Semenov Tien-Shansky of 4560 meters above sea level - the highest point of the Dzungarsky Ala-Tau - is plentifully snow-covered and avalanche.
In 1947 the route group of the sector of geography (since 1983 institute of geography of the Kazakh SSR) investigated a glacier since 1956 periodically observes its mode. It is called in honor of Abay Kunanbayeva.

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