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Resort of Dzhety-Oguz.

Trip to resort Dzhety-Oguz from Karakol.

“may came home with a smooth round stone as small as a world and as large as alone” 

E.E. Cummings.

Luxury travellers in Kyrgyzstan.

The resort of Dzhety-Oguz is located in the gorge Dzhety-Oguz on a northern slope of Ridge Terskey Ala-Too in Dzhety-Oguz district of the Issyk-Kul region. The resort of Dzhety-Oguz is in 15 kilometers from automobile route Balykchi - Karakol and is dated to Koktebe natural boundary which is in the western part of the resort, on the left side of the river Dzhety-Oguz.
The resort is located at the height of 2200 meters above sea level. The neighborhood of the resort is very picturesque. All most western part of the gorge is occupied with the resort and its subsidiary farm. The dense fir forest goes down from the opposite side on a northern slope of the mountain Koktebe to the resort.
It is situated in south-eastern part of Issyk-Kul lake on the southern mountainside of Teskei Ala-Too, at a height of 2200m above  sea level, in 28km from the Przhevalsk town. It is known by it’s hot mineral sources.
Since 1965 this resort is open all the year. Sanatorium has diagnostic cabinets, 3 comfortable buildings with 2 or 4 seated houses, halls for the remedial gymnastics. Here are held plantings with trees and gardens on the territory of the building.
Annual sum total of sun-radiance is 1828 hours, the atmospheric pressure is 602 mm. Average-month temperature is + 13 + 15’C in summer, in winter lower than in another resorts in Kyrgyzstan. Comparatively humid 50 - 70 %.
The height of the snowing covering is 30cm. Here are used climate therapy and mud-cure. Testimony for using: the disease of bone-muscular system, the disease of nervous system. The water of the source number 6 is used for the disease of digestion organs.
The territory of the resort from the North is surrounded with rocks from red sandy. Along with mountain climate the major natural medical factors of the resort of Dzhety-Oguz are mineral waters and therapeutic muds (medical sulphidic Ils of the Dzhergalan field, in 43 kilometers to the east from Dzhety-Oguz).
In the resort of Dzhety-Oguz thermal waters of two types are used radonic (to 127 h\kil): chloride sodium calcic and chloride sulphatic sodium calcic. Curative properties of mineral sources Dzhety-Oguz were known to local population for a long time.
In 1857 P. P. Semyonov-Tien-Shanskiy was made the first description of mineral sources Dzhety-Oguz. Apply to bathtubs mainly mineral waters of the 1st type: from the well No. 1 "K" (a daily output 208,2 meters cubic, temperature is 41 °C, a mineralization of 12,1 g/l) and from the well No. 6 (a daily output of 229,8 meters kubic temperature is 38,4 °C, a mineralization of 10,1 g/l).
Apply waters of the 2nd type (temperature of 22,9 °C, a mineralization of 3,6 g/l) to drinking treatment. Besides climatic therapy, balnchny therapy also sang doterapiya in the resort of Dzhety-Oguz apply physical therapy, massage, remedial gymnastics, terrenkur, etc.
Indications to treatment in health resort. Stay in the health resort of Dzhety-Oguz is recommended at diseases of the basic motive device, nervous system and gynecologic diseases. Climate in the neighborhood of the health resort continental.
The winter is moderately soft, solar, it is not enough snow; average temperature of January −9 °C. Summer moderately warm; average temperature of July is 15 °C. Active weather drops out about 500 mm a year, mainly in April-October.
Average annual relative humidity about 65%. Number of hours of sunshine 1828 in a year. The resort began the work in 1913. Then there was only one yurt replacing a bathing cabin with the patient from local population who was looking for in waters of sources of healing from many diseases.
And only after the resort was turned into maintaining by Narkomzdrav of Kyrgyzstan, his systematic big expansion and improvement began. The balneology knows only several sources surpassing in Dzhety-Oguz water radioactivity.
Therefore it is possible to call balneological riches of Dzhety-Oguz to a certain extent unique. Their glory extended far away from all Central Asia long ago - patients from Siberia, the Urals and the Central part of the Russian Federation come to be treated here.
Products of disintegration of radon are adsorbed on skin and form a so-called active raid at which disintegration the patient is exposed to radiation exposure within about 3 hours. In the resort of Dzhety-Oguz the sanatorium, the dining room, shops are constructed.

Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.View in the Semirechensky region. Photo of the beginning of the 20th century.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the resort of Dzhety-Oguz.

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Photos by
Alexander Petrov.