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Imantau mount.

Ecological tours to the Kokshetau park.

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Walking tour to the Kokshetau park.

Mount Imantau (kaz. Imantau kөli), 621 meters high above sea level, is located in the mountain-forest massif Imantau on the Kokshetau Upland and is the highest peak of the Upland. Located in the Ayyrtau district of the North Kazakhstan region in the territory of Kokshetau National Natural Park.
It adjoins from the south-west to Lake Imantau, over which a steep northeastern slope of the mountain hangs.  The mountain is composed of rocks in the era of Archean and Proterozoic, gneisses, quartzites, phyllites and crystalline schists.
The length of Mount Imantau, about 7 kilometers, width, about 5 kilometers. The slopes are covered with pine forest, at the foot there are also areas of aspen and birch forest.

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